The Azure Solution Architect Map
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Here are all the maps in my series of Architecture Maps:

Azure is so broad that it is sometimes difficult to find your way. Although a list of services already exists, I tried to include extra decision factors helping to choose for a solution or another. For instance, if you were to design a Microservices architecture over containers and hesitate between AKS & Service Fabric Mesh, one differentiating factor is how these platforms handle service state. These factors are by no means comprehensive and are even subject to discussion but of course, since it is represented as a mental map, I have to remain high-level, and there is no room for arguing.  I have articulated the map around 8 typical concerns when deploying workloads to the Cloud:


  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Workload types (SoE, SoI, SoX, SoR)
  • Connectivity
  • Identity
  • CI/CD
  • Governance and Compliance
  • Containerization. 

I haven't segregated FaaS, PaaS and IaaS and some services belong to multiple high-level nodes but this should help you identifying some key areas and key services.


Here is a screenshot of the map:




and you can access it in the map format through the following URLs (including versions):

Update 02/21: the online MindMapMaker tool removes maps that are older than 1 year. Click on the last version link below.

v1.0 (05/2019)
v1.1 (05/2019)
v1.2 (12/2019)
Last version MindMapMaker

Last version PDF


Feel free to collapse/expand nodes as grasping it right with the image only is a bit challenging. Other maps will follow with a deeper look at specific areas, I plan to come up with the following maps:


These maps are more technical since representing all of this into a single map would result in a very indigestible map.


Here are all the maps in my series of Architecture Maps:


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@stephaneey , this is a wonderful map. I would like to dive in look at the map.  the URL above is coming up blank in browsers. Any ideas?



Hello Bhaskar,


Sorry it doesn't work for you, I guess it's a browser issue. The pointer I put in the post is still working fine on my side...


Best Regards

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Hello @stephaneey,


It should be working fine. Thanks for your great work!


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Very nice @stephaneey


Good overview for us visual thinkers. 


If populated with URLs for the specific features, it could be even more powerful. 


Do you expect to keep developing/updating this ?


Best Kenneth 

Hi Kenneth,


Thanks! Yes I plan to elaborate further and come with the following maps: Azure Security Architect Map, Azure Infrastructure Architect Map and Azure Application Architect. These will dive much deeper in the specific areas. Regarding the URLs, you're right, I first thought adding them but faced some limitations with the tool since the nodes aren't clickable but might still be worth adding them. I'll update the map :)


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@KennethLindgren I've added the URLs (quite tedious work) :). 


Hi again @stephaneey That sounds great, but i can't see them in the link.


Also do you know if mindmap supports saving to PDF or sharing a view-mode where the links would be easily clickable ?


Best Kenneth 

@KennethLindgren sorry it seems it was a wrong link. That should be ok now. This mind map software doesn't allow exports to PDF...The only possibilities are PNG & JSON. Also, just make sure to use the new link I posted. Whenever I change the map, the link gets a new if you use bookmarks, you won't see the latest changes...sorry :)

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I would suggest to look at this one too


A handful map. Keep it coming more.

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@stephaneey , this is great! Creating the architect map as a mind map is brilliant! Thank you and keep up the great work!!!


Great map @stephaneey . This is a great reference map.

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How fab. I'm relatively new to working with Azure, this made for an interesting perusal this morning as I work on a platform project.


Many thanks.


@stephaneey would love to see Azure Resource Graph and Azure Blueprints show up under Governance.

@Satya Vel Indeed, they should be added too. I'll update the map accordingly

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This is great, I love mind maps. I love them so much that I've written a mind mapping app using Blazor. I took the liberty of copying your mind map using my app, to see if I could get it to work. Result is here same information but presented slightly differently.  

@NR_Edwards  nice!  However, what I like in the tool I used (despite of advertising...) is the fact that you can expand/collapse nodes as well as adding notes & links. 

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@stephaneey thanks for the feedback, I've added collapsing nodes and adding notes and links to my backlog :smile:

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Brilliant and beyond! :cool:

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I love these mindmaps. Thanks @stephaneey 

Has someone started creating such a Mindmap with Visio already?

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Hey @stephaneey,


This is awesome and one small improvement would be to make this orientated in a way that is easily printed on A3/A4 to go up next to whiteboards.


Great work and solution map. Suggestion: GitHub Actions should be added into the CI/CD list :)

@sowmyans indeed, thanks for your suggestion. I'll add it with the next release :) which should take place any time soon.

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The links to mindmapmaker open empty maps. 

@fuchshp  Thanks for bringing this to my attention. It seems that mindmapmaker removes all the maps that are older than a year...Didn't know it. Fortunately, I have more recent versions which I plan to publish, including a new map on Data Architecture. Stay tuned as I will soon republish them all.

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Thanks a lot for updating, Stephane. I've been waiting for this and it's really useful. 

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excellent piece of work, thank you.

is there any way of saving it in any other format than .Json

something more aligned to the paid mind map software, e.g. mind manager ?

@PietervTex unfortunately, JSON and PNG are the only formats. That's also why I created a PDF version 

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