Upgrade Windows Datacenter Server from 2019 to 2022

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Microsoft have just released Windows Server 2022 for Azure. Is it possible to update an existing Windows Server 2019 Datacenter to 2022? If so, how do you do it? One could, of course, build another server, but I should like to update the existing one. What are the cost implications if any?


I realise a standalone server can be updated, but doing it under Azure may have other implications.

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Technically, you could download the VHD on-premises, create a VM based off of the disk in Hyper-V, do the upgrade, then re-upload the VHD to a managed disk. Then you create a new VM out of the disk. I'm just not sure if it is officially supported.
Thanks. I suppose one could also do the update in situ having downloaded the image, but again that is probably not officially supported. I was hoping to avoid having to create a new VM, move all the applications and settings to that VM and then delete the old one. Again, there is the question as to whether that would be supported.
Thanks for those links. Unfortunately, it looks as though the migration tools only support Windows Server 2012, not 2019 or 2022, so the only option to migrate is to create a new machine and then manually move the applications to it. I confess to being a bit disappointed.