What happened to my post in Microsoft UserVoice portal?

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not long ago I created a post on UserVoice, requesting some features for ACS.


This is the link:


When clicking on it you find out, that it does not exist anymore with the hint, that one should use one of the other portals. I guess this ( is the new one for such topics?


Is my post still somewhere (migrated?), or has it simply been rejected / deleted?
Should I recreate it here?


Sorry in advance, if this is the wrong portal, for asking this question, but it's getting a little confusing.





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@btmpn - thanks for reaching out! There are a lot of options and forums and it can definitely be overwhelming :)

We are moving away from UserVoice in favor of first party solutions - looks like we don't have a set date yet for when the new tool will be available.


BUT we absolutely want to keep hearing from you and the community! Please check out our support and feedback options, continue to post on our tech community, or post to Microsoft Q+A (make sure to tag it with 'azure-communication-services')!

As for the content previously posted, we have logged and categorized it internally and are in the process of planning our migration to the new platform. Hope this helps!

So where did the current UserVoice requests go to?
i guess they are tracking the old ones internally, so that they are not visible to us.

@btmpn@pgierveld - correct, they currently aren't posted anywhere until the new user feedback platform is up and running. You can check out our GitHub in the meantime, and the roadmap/other forums.


Hope this helps - thanks for your patience! I understand this transition is not ideal.