Video Quality of Experience Questions

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Just a few questions related to video optimization and video quality of experience:

  • What adaptive bitrate algorithm is ACS using?
  • What is the ideal quality ACS is trying to achieve? (1080p @30fps, 720p @ 15fps, etc?)
  • What is the jitter level required for the ACS to perform a quality degradation?
  • Can video quality parameters be manually tweaked? (set ACS to only do 1080p @30fps or a combination of different qualities)
  • Is there a plan to support other video codecs besides H.264? (It only mentions H.264 in the docs:
    • Is there a plan to upgrade or add support for H.265?
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Hi Justin, the ACS uses the adaptive codecs, bitrate depends on:
1. The available bandwidth
2. Network conditions.
3. Type of SDK
Maximum is 1080p @30 fps on Native SDK (Android, iOS) and 720p @30fps

Here is the link describing the resolutions and network requirements
There is no manual knob to set the video bitrate now. Would love to learn about case where you want to implement the manual selection.
H264 is the codec we support now for video with other codecs on roadmap. Please fill the user voice