Take snapshoots of video in React app

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It is possible in Azure Communication Services to take snapshots in a 1:1 call just pressing a button for example? I know there is no sdk for that, but how could it be done.? It is a requirement of our client.

Any hint would be highly appreciated.

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Hi @chernandezgil !

You are correct we don't have any native support for this - but I am pretty sure you can do something on web with WebRTC APIs. Let me check with a few colleagues and get back to you!

I would also love to understand the scenario here if you don't mind sharing - for example, is it for diagnostics/troubleshooting?

Hi @manoskow-msft ,
Thanks for your answer!
Our client has clients with whom he connects in video calls and wants to have a record of the people who participate in the conversation in graphic form. In the future we will implement implement call recording as well with your sdk. The initiator of the call will be able to take screenshots and then save them.
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Found out our web calling sample has this functionality:

Edit: also including a link to our call recording quickstart since you mentioned it: Azure Communication Services Call Recording API quickstart - An Azure Communication Services quickst...

hope this helps, and thanks for the context!