Optimizing Azure Virtual Machines with the Well-Architected Framework
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Azure Virtual Machines are an integral part of cloud computing that when deployed effectively can provide a secure, scalable, fault-tolerant, and cost-effective way to rapidly deploy and manage your infrastructure on Azure – all without the up-front expense and challenge of purchasing and managing physical hardware on your own. Azure also supports Virtual Machine Scale Sets, which adds additional flexibility by allowing your infrastructure to dynamically scale based on demand while increasing resiliency in an intelligent and cost-effective manner.


The Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework provides guiding tenets designed to assist you in achieving architectural excellence on Azure. The five pillars of a Well-Architected Framework are: cost management, operational excellence, performance efficiency, reliability, and security. These pillars serve to guide you towards consistently employing best practices on Azure. By adhering to the five pillars, it gives you peace of mind that you are making the best decisions for your unique workload.


Today I would like to introduce the Azure Well-Architected Framework review for Virtual Machines. This review gives a comprehensive overview of the five pillars of the Well-Architected Framework as they pertain to Virtual Machines. If you already have existing infrastructure on Azure, you can use recommendations from the guide to identify opportunities for ongoing improvement.




As you continue to work on your infrastructure, be sure to also leverage Azure Advisor. You can think of Azure Advisor as your personal cloud consultant who assists in identifying and prioritizing actionable suggestions that can be taken on your specific deployment to optimize your resources Azure Advisor provides feedback via the Azure dashboard based on analyzing configuration and usage telemetry collected directly from your resources.


With the Well-Architected Framework review for Virtual Machines and Azure Advisor you can be confident that your deployment is optimal as you continue your journey in cloud computing.


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