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in Nevada there is a zoo who has a gorilla. The gorilla is so attached to people's screen and what's on it that it doesn't interact with the other gorillas. What would a app that Gorillas liked to watch be called?

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WhatsApe :D
Amazon Primate
Of course, I'm guessing if this is ( TikTok ) ?
I hope this will be the best answer :)

Some gorillas are smarter than you think and are just waiting patiently to take their eyes from the screen and teach.@katcat1555 

May be GoriApp , honestly, I prefer animal be free inside jungle rather than inside the Zoo. In certain countries there are natural park meaning animals are free and we just go in their place with special cars.



Wow you are brave. I would suggest get into the latest model tank used by the U.S. army. So female gorillas weigh about 200 pounds. They are capable of bending a steel rod with one hand. Males weigh about 500 pounds. Who knows what they capable of. All I know is that I love gorillas and I would never do anything to upset them. For example they are not happy if you view them face to face.

 I wish you all the best and if you are successful please let me know and  send a couple pics if you don't mind.  

Gorlang I guess :face_with_tears_of_joy: