After update to latest Office 365, my database gives me a #deleted upon insert

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Hi there,


After the latest update for Office 365 and refreshing the linked tables, I'm having issues with a database that we've used for years! I keep getting #deleted after entering/inserting values - however if I refresh the page or revisit the entry the data is all there and intact. It only happens when we enter the data in. I then reverted back to an older version of office and retried, and everything works fine again.

I believe this a new bug in Access 365 once again. This happened before back in January 2020 as seen in this article: after January update #deleted error when inserting records into - Microsoft Community and Microsoft had released a bug fix shortly after which fixed the issue.


Please can anyone point me in the right direction to report this bug to Microsoft? Or if anybody has a quick fix to this? I am not the original creator of the database and I am not an Access DB expert, so I am not as advanced when it comes to troubleshooting these types of issues. However if the only thing that has changed is an update to the new Office version and if reverting that change fixes the issue then I would assume that some new feature or bug is causing this issue - and with this having been a problem in the past when Microsoft had released a fix for it, I would assume the same thing has occurred this time around.

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