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So can you please let us know the difference between these 3 version (SDK 6.0.300,SDK 6.0.203,SDK 6.0.105) of SDK</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Wed, 20 Jul 2022 11:01:16 GMT Darshan1385 2022-07-20T11:01:16Z Nivito <P><FONT><FONT>Introducing the kitchen sink from Nivito. </FONT><FONT>This sleek and modern sink is perfect for any contemporary kitchen design. </FONT><FONT>Made from high quality materials, it is both durable and easy to clean. </FONT><FONT>The sleek design is sure to make a statement in any home. </FONT><FONT>With its large basin, it is perfect for washing dishes or preparing food. </FONT><FONT>Nivito &nbsp;</FONT></FONT><FONT><FONT>a must-have for any modern home.</FONT></FONT></P> Tue, 07 Jun 2022 11:10:30 GMT CarlHorne 2022-06-07T11:10:30Z 关于文件读取 <P>大家好:</P><P>请问一下,假如一个文件夹里有上万的文件,当我开发程序,使用方法创建一个文件流时,传入文件的路径,系统找到这个文件是否需要遍历这上万的文件才找到目标文件?</P><P><SPAN>hello everyone:</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>Excuse me, if there are tens of thousands of files in a folder, when I develop a program and use the method to create a file stream, the path of the incoming file. 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The operating system is Windows Sever 2012 R2.</P><P>I did not set up our SQL server.</P><P>An MS article I found says:</P><H2>SQL Server (on Windows) – all editions</H2><P><STRONG>Note</STRONG>: If a customer installs Java support and deploys Java Archives (JARs) that depend on the Log4j 2 library, they are advised to upgrade to the latest version or remove the Java Archives (JARs) that require the dependency.</P><P>Source:&nbsp;<A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></A></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>How do I check if we have installed Java Support? How do I check if we use Java Archives (JARs)?</P><P>Appreciate any leads.</P> Tue, 18 Jan 2022 04:34:29 GMT VickyO532 2022-01-18T04:34:29Z How do create a matrix formula to calculate in all range (B:F) with this rare condition. <P><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT>Bom dia família,</FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><EM><STRONG><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT>Preciso criar uma fórmula matricial para calcular quantas vezes essa coincidência aparece em todo o intervalo&nbsp; </FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></STRONG></EM><EM><STRONG><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT>B:F</FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></STRONG></EM><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT> , de acordo com essas condições (</FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT><STRONG><EM><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT> A) na primeira linha</FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></EM></STRONG><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT> ), (</FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT><STRONG><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT> M) na segunda linha</FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></STRONG><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT> ). </FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT>Tentei com essas 2 fórmulas, mas conta apenas uma coincidência. </FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT>Alguém tem alguma sugestão por favor?</FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT><FONT>Desde já, obrigado.</FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></FONT></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-left" image-alt="Pic 1.PNG" style="width: 829px;"><img src=";px=999" role="button" title="Pic 1.PNG" alt="Pic 1.PNG" /></span></P> Mon, 17 Jan 2022 20:26:40 GMT dpparner 2022-01-17T20:26:40Z Window Service and ODP.NET Managed Driver <P>So, I am creating a Windows Service using the .Net Framework, the problem is, the ODP.Net Managed Driver woke up in the Application Console, but when I converted it to Windows Service, the ODP.Net Managed Driver did not works and it doesn't. reading from Oracle Database.</P> Mon, 06 Dec 2021 05:25:42 GMT edisonpebojot 2021-12-06T05:25:42Z SQL Server Authentication <P>I am developing a new windows console app using .Net Core 6 and I have added a reference to System.Data.SQLServer (version 4.8.3) when I go to connect to my Azure SQL database I supply the same connection string that I would when connecting with .NET Framework, however I get an error saying the the authentication parameter is not recognized. Why would this be different? Is there a different process?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>The parameter is</P><P>Authentication='Active Directory Integrated'</P> Tue, 30 Nov 2021 19:19:49 GMT Lee Taylor 2021-11-30T19:19:49Z Does the new Cosmos DB patch API gives us enough reasons to rethink about our designs? <P>One of the most emphasized rules I have learned from my experience when working with Cosmos DB is that, in your documents, you have to separate the parts which change very often from the parts which are rarely updated.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Like for instance, likes count in a post or comment. Whilst the posts content, title, author and tags are less likely to change after being set, it ok to put them together in a single document. But to include the post's likes count was not a good practice as every time the post get liked, shared or commented on, you had to update the whole document, which might not be ideal.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Edit: I just selected the SqlClient label because there's no Cosmos DB label and I wasn't able to post without a label. 🤷‍:male_sign:</img></P> Thu, 11 Nov 2021 08:22:28 GMT robertmrobo 2021-11-11T08:22:28Z