Windows Insider Program topics Windows Insider Program topics Thu, 28 Oct 2021 04:28:45 GMT WindowsInsiderProgram 2021-10-28T04:28:45Z I shut down my computer and then booted it up and now everything is gone. <P>Hey there! So I'm having a major problem right now with my PC. So I got the Windows 11 Insider program back in late September to upgrade to Windows 11 early, and it was working just fine. But earlier today, my Computer was acting slower than usual which was a pain, so I decided to shut it down. But then around 2 hours later, I opened it up and everything is gone.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I mean maybe not EVERYTHING per say since some of the programs I've downloaded are still on the desktop screen. But when I try to access file explorer, all of my files are gone. Which is awful for me because I had a LOT of stuff on there including a picture I was working on coloring through Clip Studio Paint.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Worse yet, aside from file explorer, the computer won't let me access anything either. I can't go to settings, I can't go to Microsoft Edge, nothing. I'm currently using another computer to write this down. The taskbar never loads either. It just stays stuck in limbo with the mouse pointer showing that it's always loading and nothing else. The screen keeps flashing to white then back to the desktop image and continuously does that. Practically nothing works and it's driving me crazy.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I heard there was an Insider update today but I swear I knew nothing about it until after I looked it up. I didn't install it at all, at least not intentionally, so I'm wondering if this is a problem on Microsoft's end and I really hope it is. Because this is awful. We're thinking about sending it to a computer repairing store but I'm hoping there might be some way for me to fix this myself. It looks hopeless though. I really hope I can get my files back somehow cause if some of my programs still show signs of being there then they must not be gone completely.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Please help me, I'm desperate. I use my computer all the time and I had a picture I was working on that I planned on finishing by Halloween. And also, since I'm using a different computer, I can't sign in to social media accounts because all of my passwords were on my computer that's not working and I don't remember any of them which just makes everything worse. I could still use my phone thankfully but yeah, I'm at my limits and I really need help getting everything back to normal. Thank you for taking your time to read this and tell me what I could possibly do to fix it.&nbsp;</P> Thu, 28 Oct 2021 01:56:01 GMT SunkistBlueBerry 2021-10-28T01:56:01Z Taskbar Not Showing In Windows 11 (FIX) <P><SPAN>Easiest fix I have found is this. Press Windows + R &gt; Run control &gt; Go to uninstall a program &gt; go to installed updates &gt; and uninstall Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB5006674). It will fix the issue. I discovered while running a system check that when I was trying to access settings I was getting access denied. Which Made me realize it wasn't the whole cumulative update. Its just the Security update that was breaking the windows 11 system it wasn't giving me correct privileges to access anything and only giving me guest rights. Hope it fixes your pc :)</img></SPAN></P> Thu, 28 Oct 2021 01:29:17 GMT KillaHaddy 2021-10-28T01:29:17Z Windows 11 Home Insider Preview <P>How can a I contact Windows 11 Home Insider Preview staff for help with my laptop after the mess I created for myself by signing up with Windows 11 home Preview</P><P>Now my laptop is in a semi slow crawling mode</P><P>it takes 10 minutes for the laptop to gradually initialize and open the screen page so I can get my work done</P><P>I have shot myself in the foot by my curiosity for Windows 11 Preview</P><P>Now I have a messed-up laptop, and dragging and painfully slow and I have left no stone unturned to get this issue fixed and I have not succeeded</P><P>I like to have the Windows 11 staff undo everything they have done to my laptop and screwed up my perfectly working on a computer</P><P>I am Helplessly stuck and bewildered how to get out of the mess I created for myself by signing up with Windows 11 insider</P><P>I have been unable to reach any one from Windows 11 Insider support</P><P>I have received No response from countless feedback I sent to Windows 11 insider Preview&nbsp;&nbsp;</P><P>Does anyone know how to reach the staff of Windows 11 Home Preview???</P><P>Does anyone Know how to UNDO what ever Windows 11 does to people who join this Home Preview?</P><P>I truly need help with this mess or else I will have to throw this Laptop in Trash and Go buy a new one</P><P>I am also apprehensive about Transferring my infected data to my new Laptop If I must buy one!!!</P><P>How can I save my New Laptop from becoming infected with Data from this Laptop if I transfer it to my new laptop!!!</P><P>Does anyone have any viable feedback to these issues I have noted above?</P><P>Contact email:&nbsp;</P><P>Thank you &nbsp;</P><P>Jesus Raza</P> Thu, 28 Oct 2021 00:34:37 GMT Tankhan2017 2021-10-28T00:34:37Z Windows 11 freeze it locks after accessing the start menu every now and then windows 11 start crashing in the start menu. I have to press the start / stop button to postpone the standstill while everything is blocked. I don't know what the reason is. anyone who can help? Wed, 27 Oct 2021 23:15:55 GMT brunnoair 2021-10-27T23:15:55Z Uninstall win11 Back to windows 10 problem I downloaded in the Windows insider program. I downloaded the test versions of windows 11. But after some time I wanted to go back to the old win10 system. I have a problem I have no way to recover win10. I Do the process step by step on video Wed, 27 Oct 2021 15:46:16 GMT Pucland 2021-10-27T15:46:16Z Update issue <P>Hello,</P><P>I am not able to update my windows 11 to the newest version. When I check for updates it always says error encountered and when ever i reboot my laptop it says your version of windows is expiring soon please update to the newest version, but it always shows error encountered. please help me fix this problem</P> Wed, 27 Oct 2021 15:18:51 GMT Evan_Christiano 2021-10-27T15:18:51Z cant get new preview builds <P>so in my settings it says that i need to register for the preview builds but im already registered if im going to the webpage to register for the windows insider. right now im on build "22482.1011"</P><P>on the website and in my settings am i registered on the same email. but if im switching in the settings to my school email then i can get new preview builds. kinda weird... but can anyone help.&nbsp;</P> Wed, 27 Oct 2021 13:53:19 GMT pepijn0570 2021-10-27T13:53:19Z Re: Do i have to sign-in in netflix after update from windows 10 to windows 11?? <P>Do i have to sign-in in netflix after update from windows 10 to windows 11??</P><P>i dont have email and password to sign-in in netflix....what should i do?? will netflix logout it self or not??</P> Wed, 27 Oct 2021 10:48:31 GMT SAGAR_KHATRI 2021-10-27T10:48:31Z Can't unroll Windows Insider <P>Hi there,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I'm trying to unroll the Windows Insider program.&nbsp;</P><P>When I go to:</P><P><SPAN>Settings &gt; Update &amp; Security &gt; Windows Insider Program &gt; Stop Insider Preview<BR />I see here 2 links: "Unenroll this device immediately" -&gt; <A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></A><BR /></SPAN></P><P><SPAN>and "leave the program" -&gt; <A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></A><BR /><BR /></SPAN></P><P class="">In the first, It says to me how to "reinstall windows 11", something I won't do....</P><P class="">and the second I see "This email address is not registered as a Windows Insider. "</P><DIV class="">&nbsp;</DIV><P class=""><SPAN>I'm in a loop...</SPAN></P><P class="">&nbsp;</P><P class=""><SPAN>Who could help me with this, please?</SPAN></P><P class="">&nbsp;</P><P class=""><SPAN>Thanks!!</SPAN></P><DIV class="">&nbsp;</DIV> Wed, 27 Oct 2021 09:16:59 GMT diegotorres 2021-10-27T09:16:59Z Sign here if you want Microsoft to get us insiders able to update without a fresh install. <P>This is absolutely preposterous that we have to be stuck with the last insider edition. We tested Windows 11 for them, and they hold us hostage on an obsolete version. Some of us have installed over our main system. I demand for them to fix this immediately. Why have a forum, if you're just going to have some auto-message moderator answer. We need REAL SUPPORT.</P> Wed, 27 Oct 2021 08:34:35 GMT ACNYN 2021-10-27T08:34:35Z Cant update microsoft store (version 22110.1401.6.0) to version 22110.1402.6.0 <P>Im on windows 11 developer channel, i wanted to try the android apps trough the microsoft store, but im not on the right version of the microsoft store (22110.1401.6.0). but if i check for new updates it says that there are no updates available. I've the country and language pack of the usa turned on, and an intel i5 8th gen chip. how do i get the microsoft store updated to&nbsp;22110.1402.6.0 or higher?</P> Tue, 26 Oct 2021 15:30:52 GMT pepijn0570 2021-10-26T15:30:52Z windows 11 from windows 11 preview <P>Hello i want to install the windows 11 from windows 11 insider preview, i downloaded the windows 11 installation assistant and the ISO file, but when i press accept and install it takes me to,<BR />the section "choose, what do you want to keep", and i can only choose "nothing (everything will be deleted, files &amp; apps"</P><P>I cannot click the "Keep personal files and apps"<BR />and says in the bottom:<BR />"youre files, apps and settings cannot be saved, because your windows is saved in a folder wich is not supported, or you try to intall an older version of windows"</P><P>I dont want to make a clean install of windows.</P> Tue, 26 Oct 2021 15:19:19 GMT Mark_Henningsen 2021-10-26T15:19:19Z My windows 11 is very glitchy and my taskbar broke <P>Im currently having this issue where my taskbar switched to windows 10? none of the apps work except settings and explorer, does anyone have a fix? and the windows button doesnt work too</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="WaveTsuname_0-1635259969717.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="WaveTsuname_0-1635259969717.png" alt="WaveTsuname_0-1635259969717.png" /></span><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="WaveTsuname_1-1635260070233.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="WaveTsuname_1-1635260070233.png" alt="WaveTsuname_1-1635260070233.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P> Tue, 26 Oct 2021 14:54:58 GMT WaveTsuname 2021-10-26T14:54:58Z Problem /w latest dev build Hello.<BR /><BR />I have problem with my system. I got notification that my build gonna expire soon. But I m on latest DEV version and my pc doesn't meet min req for w11. What should I do now?<BR />The reinstall is latest way for me,hope is there any other solution from MS for being on dev channel and help others,it's time to help devs.<BR />I just could update to w11 and don't care bout nothing,when I heard that pc doesn't meet min req for w11 can update a system but will not receive any updates,and latery MS will update that pcs idk what to do. Where is a place for a guy from dev channel that don't meet minimal requirements for w11? I should stay on this build,update to 11 or reinstall a system? I see black scenario that MS didn't prepare any tool for "us" to fix it :x Tue, 26 Oct 2021 11:53:25 GMT NIGHTZNERO 2021-10-26T11:53:25Z Problem with uptdates. <P>Like in the subject. I have big problems with updates to fresher versions of W11.</P> Tue, 26 Oct 2021 11:30:28 GMT Szymon_Szczerba 2021-10-26T11:30:28Z Some sites stop working after some time after rebooting pc. Hello. Yesterday I came back home, I didn’t update my PC or download any software. Most of websites that I use just can’t open, except for google calendar,, YouTube (Gmail, for example, doesn’t work). The windows troubleshooter says that windows can’t automatically detect this network’s proxy setting. Of course I tried everything that I could find on the internet, from resetting trough setting to using cmd. Nothing helped.<BR />I have intel i7 7700k, and version of my windows insider program is 22483.1011, using Ethernet. My internet provider also said that my computer is having trouble, not network. After that I successfully tried to update pc before it stopped connecting to Microsoft, but that didn’t help too. Tue, 26 Oct 2021 11:00:38 GMT GooseMooz 2021-10-26T11:00:38Z My windows 11 Insider problem not working properly <P><SPAN>Respected Sir, </SPAN></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><SPAN>I am sharing my problem with you. So, on my PC the windows update system not working properly and I won't able to change my insider program. Like now am in the DEV version but I am not able to shift dev to the beta version and also don't able to shift my previous windows version windows 10. So please sir tell me how can I solve this problem?</SPAN></P> Tue, 26 Oct 2021 06:22:21 GMT Tirthsoni 2021-10-26T06:22:21Z CONECTAR LA RED DE ETHERNET <P>DESDE QUE HE ACTUALIZADO DE WINDOWS 10 A WINDOWS 11, SOLO ME PUEDO CONECTAR A LA RED WIFI Y NO A TRAVÉS DE CABLE (ETHERNET), NO ACIERTO CON LA SOLUCIÓN, ASÍ QUE AGRADECERÍA QUE HAGAN COMENTARIOS QUE ME PUEDAN AYUDAR A RESOLVER EL PROBLEMA. MUCHAS GRACIAS.</P> Mon, 25 Oct 2021 16:18:22 GMT JUAN_MANUEL2225 2021-10-25T16:18:22Z Screen Crash Bug In Windows 11 <P>I recently updated to windows 11 and I found that there is a screen crash bug. sometimes the screen goes black and also it continues to be shaking. (as per the attached video shows)&nbsp; The only option is to restart. Other than that update is totally Great. I also discovered that when we close the application is still running in the task manager like file explore. Need solutions.&nbsp;</P> Mon, 25 Oct 2021 14:47:48 GMT Pasindu03 2021-10-25T14:47:48Z Problem with Windows 11 Update <P>Hi,</P><P>As a developer, I use Windows 11 Dev Channel for my Laptop.</P><P>I am in build 22449 of rs_prerelease</P><P>The latest build in Dev Channel is 22483</P><P>Whenever I open my Laptop, It shows that "This build will expire on 31/10/2021. You should update to the latest build. Go online for more info". Checking out those things, What I need to do is to Check for new Windows Updates. But whenever I am doing that (I have been doing this for the past 7-10 days), It's showing "An error encountered". I don't know and am clueless about what to do. I need my laptop badly every day.&nbsp; I have already posted it in the feedback Hub but yet to get any follow-up. Another mess is that to shift from Dev Channel to any other Channel requires clean installation.</P><P>If anybody knows the solution, I request them to help or please the Microsoft engineers, look into this.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanks!</P> Mon, 25 Oct 2021 13:17:58 GMT nathritobrata 2021-10-25T13:17:58Z Windows 10 21h1 <P>I have been using Windows since Windows 93 and with all the updates I lost some software. Then came Windows 7 and I was able to get some of it back and now with this update software lost is not the problem but it my whole computer. It is like Covid 19 for the computer world and no vaccine.</P> Mon, 25 Oct 2021 12:59:38 GMT bwest1960 2021-10-25T12:59:38Z problem with windows update <P>i'm facing a problem on updating my laptop. it was showing the error code&nbsp; (0x80070002). how can i fix this?</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Mon, 25 Oct 2021 11:09:46 GMT mani1475 2021-10-25T11:09:46Z What happened to 7th gen cpu approval for windows 11 developers Hi, its OCT 25th today and exactly 20 days after windows 11 lauch but the operating system launched but what about cpu approval when will 7th gen cpus will be added only few from 7th gen cpus were added on Aug 27th and no update till now what happened to remaining cpus Developers reply. Mon, 25 Oct 2021 09:19:48 GMT mohith1402 2021-10-25T09:19:48Z Integrate Windows 11 Calendar App with Windows as windows 10 had <P>Hi,</P><P>Thanks for the great upgrade of Windows 11. But for the calendar app, I am a little confused. I was highly dependent on the calendar app provided in windows 10 like many. But for windows 11, it is a little different and sometimes confusing.</P><P>Currently, if we need to add a new event to the calendar, we have to go to the web if we click on add a new event button which is frustrating I think. I new pop up box for creating events of if the calendar app pops up after clicking the add new event button, would be great.</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="image.png" style="width: 999px;"><img src=";px=999" role="button" title="image.png" alt="image.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Another thing is I was getting notifications for upcoming events and can check today's events by clicking on the right bottom side of the desktop. But now we are unable to check events on going there. I think that was the most convenient way.</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="image.png" style="width: 856px;"><img src=";px=999" role="button" title="image.png" alt="image.png" /></span></P><P>Can anyone please suggest if Microsoft is planning to add those 2 features from Windows 10?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanks</P> Mon, 25 Oct 2021 01:32:20 GMT abrarjahin 2021-10-25T01:32:20Z Bang & Olufsen Audio & Drivers missing <P><STRONG>After uninstalling Windows 11 &amp; going back to 10 my B&amp;O app &amp; drivers didn't load.</STRONG></P><P><STRONG>Q: How do I get B&amp;O reinstalled without much hassle?&nbsp;</STRONG></P> Mon, 25 Oct 2021 00:51:38 GMT MetaSis 2021-10-25T00:51:38Z Trojan:Win32/Evotob.A!reg (windows 11) <P>Detected: Trojan:Win32/Evotob.A!reg<BR />Affected items:&nbsp;regkeyvalue: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows Defender\Exclusions\Extensions\\.exe</P><P><BR />You can help me?<BR />Please...</P> Sun, 24 Oct 2021 21:49:41 GMT Alexiz_Madeira 2021-10-24T21:49:41Z I have been infected by a virus on my computer (Windows 11) <P>During the last hours it has collected personal information and passwords.<BR />I realized when I wanted to copy a file from one folder to another, I mentioned that I didn't have administrator permissions. After trying and verifying that my user was the administrator, I went to Windows defender and run the quick scan where I was notified that I had a Trojan:Win32/Evotob.A!reg; in details it said this: "This program is dangerous and executes commands from an attacker."<BR />Try to remove it with Windows defender and then this came out: Backdoor:MSIL/Bladabindi!mclg; in details it said this: "This program provides remote access to the computer on which it is installed."<BR />I tried to remove it with Windows defender, but I was unsuccessful, as I again ran the quick scan and it came out where this serious state threat, I was collecting passwords.<BR />Log in to my pictures folder and check if I could copy or move a file from one folder to another and if I did, without instead, the name of some images had changed and the phone numbers from where they had been sent to me were displayed.<BR />I hope someone can hear me...</P> Sun, 24 Oct 2021 16:41:12 GMT Alexiz_Madeira 2021-10-24T16:41:12Z Error On Windows Andiod APPS <P><SPAN>Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073D10, The deployment operation failed because the package targets the wrong processor architecture. Windows cannot install package Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.6 because the package requires architecture ARM64, but this computer has architecture x64. NOTE: For additional information, look for [ActivityId] 39aa5438-c8de-0003-6206-ac39dec8d701 in the Event Log or use the command line Get-AppPackageLog -ActivityID 39aa5438-c8de-0003-6206-ac39dec8d701 At line:1 char:1 + Add-AppxPackage .\Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.6_2.62108.18004.0_arm64__8wekyb ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (C:\Users\Maxey\...kyb3d8bbwe.Appx:String) [Add-AppxPackage], Exception + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentError,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageCommand cAN YOU Can some one help with this&nbsp;Add-AppxPackage : Deployment failed with HRESULT: 0x80073D10, The deployment operation failed because the package targets the wrong processor architecture. Windows cannot install package Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.6 because the package requires architecture ARM64, but this computer has architecture x64. NOTE: For additional information, look for [ActivityId] 39aa5438-c8de-0003-6206-ac39dec8d701 in the Event Log or use the command line Get-AppPackageLog -ActivityID 39aa5438-c8de-0003-6206-ac39dec8d701 At line:1 char:1 + Add-AppxPackage .\Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.6_2.62108.18004.0_arm64__8wekyb ... + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ + CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (C:\Users\Maxey\...kyb3d8bbwe.Appx:String) [Add-AppxPackage], Exception + FullyQualifiedErrorId : DeploymentError,Microsoft.Windows.Appx.PackageManager.Commands.AddAppxPackageCommand</SPAN></P> Sun, 24 Oct 2021 15:35:35 GMT Maxey1950 2021-10-24T15:35:35Z This build of windows is going to expire on 31st October. How do i fix it <P>I am getting error msg "This build of Windows will expire soon"</P><P>i not able to fix it</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Sun, 24 Oct 2021 12:18:03 GMT Nail_Cubro 2021-10-24T12:18:03Z Windows 10 on ARM <P>Hello,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>i have a Mac with M1 and want to use Windows 10. So my problem is, that I can only download the Windows 11 on ARM insider Program. Is there any possibility to use Windows 10 on ARM?</P> Sun, 24 Oct 2021 12:10:31 GMT Caner-1810 2021-10-24T12:10:31Z Unable to upgrade to Windows 10 21H2 <P>I have a laptop that was in the dev channel. I requested to not receive future builds because my device does not support Windows 11. My laptop is running on Windows 10 insider Dev build 21390.2025. Funny enough I figured out today that this build is higher than Win 10 21h2. It means I must format this device anyway even if Microsoft warned us to not upgrade to Windows 11 if we were not supported.</P><P>These devs builds were already running Windows 11 builds numbers!?</P><P>This build expires in 1 week. What are my options now? were is my supposed upgrade path to Windows 10 21h2? Weren't we supposed to have an easy way to stay in Windows 10? This whole Windows 11 upgrade thing is such a mess in my opinion.</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Sat, 23 Oct 2021 20:15:58 GMT fmartel 2021-10-23T20:15:58Z Cannot download Windows Client ARM64 Insider Preview - Build 22483 <P>Hi everyone,&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>It seems I cannot download&nbsp;<SPAN>Windows Client ARM64 Insider Preview - Build 22483.&nbsp;An error message appears instead and recommends that I contact support. So here I am! Thank you for your help.&nbsp;</SPAN></P> Sat, 23 Oct 2021 19:39:22 GMT yannblk 2021-10-23T19:39:22Z Changing screen resolution/orientation in WSA <P>Is it possible to explicitly set the screen resolution or orientation in WSA?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>One of the apps I'm using is launching in portrait mode even though I know it supports landscape mode from using it on another emulator. I suspect it has to do with its Android manifest setting screen orientation to "behind".&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>The 1280x800 window is also not great on a 4K monitor...</P> Sat, 23 Oct 2021 16:29:57 GMT PKBeam 2021-10-23T16:29:57Z Hardisk External Error in Windows 11 <P>Hello guys,<BR /><BR />I have update my windows 10 OS to windows 11 OS a few day ago, I noticed my hardisk external wont work normally. It seem that the drive constantly insert and eject by it self. when I try to open device manager, it constantly refreshing (because hardware change detected). In file explorer it also constantly refresh and my external hard disk just pop in an few seconds later pop out.<BR /><BR />any one have some problem and maybe solution for this?<BR /><BR />thank you</P> Sat, 23 Oct 2021 15:05:57 GMT ilhamwk21 2021-10-23T15:05:57Z Su número de caso es 1030299769. Deberá comunicarse con nuestro equipo de soporte interno allí. <P class="">El equipo de soporte de Out Insider está en este enlace <A href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></A></P><DIV class=""><DIV class=""><EM>October 23, 2021, 2:31 pm</EM></DIV></DIV><P>brian</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>hola buenas pues aqui me comunico y dejo mas info relacionada necesito se revise esta incidencia y podais tratarla muchas gracias&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></A></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"></A></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>PD: Si no vuelvo a venir es por que volvi a perder el acceso a mi cuenta y alfinal desistire he interpondre una demanda</P> Sun, 24 Oct 2021 12:13:02 GMT darkveide 2021-10-24T12:13:02Z Darse de baja del programa Windows Insider <P>Estimado equipo de soporte de Microsoft:</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Les escribo para informarles de que quiero darme de baja del programa Windows Insider, pero lamentablemente no puedo. Necesito una solución urgente.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><SPAN>Muchas gracias y reciban saludos cordiales,</SPAN></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Álvaro</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Sat, 23 Oct 2021 14:16:48 GMT arodrrosa 2021-10-23T14:16:48Z Windows 11 still shows PC not meeting requirements after problem solved <P>My computer previously showed that I did not have a tpm 2.0 security chip, but I upgraded to Windows 11 anyway, and some time ago the Windows Preview Experience Program showed that I did not meet the requirements.</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="图片1.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="图片1.png" alt="图片1.png" /></span></P><P> However, I have now installed the tpm 2.0 security chip, but the prompt is still, and I can't turn off the preview experience program or upgrade.</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Fan_Yuxin_0-1634970240612.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Fan_Yuxin_0-1634970240612.png" alt="Fan_Yuxin_0-1634970240612.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P> Sat, 23 Oct 2021 06:25:06 GMT Fan_Yuxin 2021-10-23T06:25:06Z Device Limit Microsoft Store Reached My Desktop Store shows max amount of devices (3) has been reached and I am unable to install apps offline<BR /><BR />The Microsoft Store online shows 0 of 10 devices linked.<BR /><BR />Anyone have insights into how I can reset this or correct it to install apps offline? Fri, 22 Oct 2021 23:09:36 GMT _RBL_ 2021-10-22T23:09:36Z Window 11 Tpm 2.0 requirement <P>My laptop is not compatible for the Windows 11 preview unless it has TPM 2.0. Is there a way that I can enable it?</P> Fri, 22 Oct 2021 18:18:07 GMT QueenNini 2021-10-22T18:18:07Z IIS not available on Windows 11 ARM Preview <P>Hi,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I just installed Windows 11 ARM Preview on my Macbook Pro (M1 chipset) where I want to install Internet Information Server (IIS) but option is not available.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Can i know any version of windows 10 or 11 that can be installed on M1 where I can have full windows features like IIS , Sql Server.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Urgently waiting for reply.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Regards</P><P>Zafar Ullah</P> Fri, 22 Oct 2021 18:02:47 GMT zafarjcp 2021-10-22T18:02:47Z Product Key for ARM based Windows 10, with M1 chip <P>I have loaded the ARM version on my Mac Mini with the M1 chipset. Windows 10 is working very well however when I go to download a new Microsoft program It looks for the Windows 10 activation Key. Because its an ARM based software for Developers, it appears there is not a lic that you can purchase to overcome the Product Key issue. Is this correct or how do I get a Lic for the ARM-M1(chip) software.</P> Fri, 22 Oct 2021 17:23:03 GMT Craig_Phillips 2021-10-22T17:23:03Z Windows Insider page of Windows Update is blank <P>Hello, I've been an Insider for several years. However, now that I'm on Win 11 (22000.258) my Windows Insider page inside Windows Update is blank.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="cfischer69_0-1634920640853.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="cfischer69_0-1634920640853.png" alt="cfischer69_0-1634920640853.png" /></span></P><P>I'd like to get on the preview or beta channel.....</P> Fri, 22 Oct 2021 16:37:49 GMT cfischer69 2021-10-22T16:37:49Z Windows apps not working on the latest dev build <P>I have had an odd issue with the latest version of windows 11.<BR /><BR />Last update, these apps was completely fine but when I updated to version&nbsp;10.0.22483 Build 22483, the apps like Photos, Cortana, Calculator and even the Microsoft Store stopped working.<BR /><BR />If anybody would happen to know why this has occurred, please notify me either over email, here or I can provide a phone number and/or Discord name.<BR /><BR />For reference, I am from the United Kingdom so some people may not be able to access the phone number provided&nbsp;</P> Fri, 22 Oct 2021 13:24:15 GMT Wolfsune 2021-10-22T13:24:15Z NOT updated window 10 to window 11 traying 3-4 days continue. <P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="WhatsApp Image 2021-10-22 at 4.35.25 PM.jpeg" style="width: 999px;"><img src=";px=999" role="button" title="WhatsApp Image 2021-10-22 at 4.35.25 PM.jpeg" alt="WhatsApp Image 2021-10-22 at 4.35.25 PM.jpeg" /></span></P> Fri, 22 Oct 2021 11:14:24 GMT sunilmaurya 2021-10-22T11:14:24Z Windows10 ARM Insider Preview update <P>I downloaded and installed Windows10 ARM Insider Preview&nbsp;on July 31st, on MacBook Pro with M1 (ARM) chip. It says that it will expire on October 31st. I can't update this windows to a newer build. The information is:</P><P>Edition Windows 10 Pro<BR />Version Dev<BR />Installed on ‎7/‎31/‎2021<BR />OS build 21354.1<BR />Experience Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack 321.7601.0.3</P><P>Anyone can tell me how to solve the problem, to get me upgraded to a newer build, so that I can keep using it util the official release of Windows10 ARM version?</P><P>When will the Windows10 ARM be released?</P><P>Blessings!</P><P>Roman</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Fri, 22 Oct 2021 06:11:35 GMT romanschina 2021-10-22T06:11:35Z How to turn notifications one in Microsoft Teams? <P><STRONG>Well I have this question for a long time...</STRONG><BR /><EM><STRONG>So I uninstalled teams and reinstalled it, then I went to settings, then I went to add permission...<BR /></STRONG></EM></P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Pravienesh_0-1634927857575.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Pravienesh_0-1634927857575.png" alt="Pravienesh_0-1634927857575.png" /></span></P><P>This was how it was before.<BR />I could not turn on notifications for it.<BR />But now-----&gt;</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Pravienesh_1-1634927916141.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Pravienesh_1-1634927916141.png" alt="Pravienesh_1-1634927916141.png" /></span></P><P>I got something like this, I was able to turn notifications on...<BR />I don't know if this could work for you but since it worked for me I just wanted to show it to you all and help you all...<BR />:)</img></P><P>:)</img></P><P>:)</img></P> Fri, 22 Oct 2021 06:09:51 GMT Pravienesh 2021-10-22T06:09:51Z Pc not working Hello, I tried to reset my pc cause I'm trying to go back from the windows 11 insider developer to windows 10 and then update it to the official windows 11 but when I reset it it said, "there was a problem resetting your pc" and I can't open the settings or use the task bar. Fri, 22 Oct 2021 03:14:13 GMT iamamazing12321 2021-10-22T03:14:13Z After Windows 11 upgrade Netflix does not stream in 4K <P>Need help guys. Just upgraded to Win11 and netflix does not stream on 4k at all. Everything was proper on Win10. I have 4k HDR compliant display, HDCP 2.2 compliant, Updated Gfx drivers, etc. Have the 4k plan set to High. When I search Netflix, it shows me the 4k label against the title but then it only plays 1080p.</P><P>I searched google and apparently many people are having the same issue after updating to Win 11. Does anyone have a workaround till MS can fix this issue.</P> Fri, 22 Oct 2021 02:53:02 GMT Anythingelse45 2021-10-22T02:53:02Z Window 11 toolbar issue <P>Hi guys,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Since I minimize the toolbar size on Win11, the right-bottom stuff is not aligned horizontally. What should I do with this?</P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 23:46:10 GMT AYULIN 2021-10-21T23:46:10Z WINDOWS 11 wont let me set pin <P>Okay so at first I couldn't update to the new 11 beta version. Eventually had to reset my computer, after going through hell with that, now I can't set up a pin or anything,&nbsp; but it says that I am updated to the newest version. What the heck do I do to fix the not letting me set up a pin?</P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 19:34:01 GMT Selenity 2021-10-21T19:34:01Z Can't update <P>hello i have windows 11 pro insider preview build 22449.rs_prerelease.210827-1350, and i cant update to the next version, it downloads slow and donwloads until 10% and then its stuck, anyone can help me?</P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 19:15:19 GMT Dorin1201 2021-10-21T19:15:19Z regarding windows update <P>my windows not update</P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 18:36:08 GMT hargodepiyush010gmail 2021-10-21T18:36:08Z Microsoft Edge causes glitches on screen. <P>Hello,&nbsp;</P><P>I am a member of the Windows Insider Preview build. After installing Windows 11, my Microsoft Edge started creating glitches. When I open the edge, it makes the screen glitch and then goes black. I either have to close it or restart when nothing solves.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Any solution will be helpful.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Cheers.</P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 18:06:24 GMT I0V00 2021-10-21T18:06:24Z Windows 10 ARM Build error <P>Hello,&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I have for a few days a message that appears every time I turn on my computer (above) :</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I can't update it to the next build!</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>How to do it?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thank very much !&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Capture d’écran 2021-10-21 à 19.30.27.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Capture d’écran 2021-10-21 à 19.30.27.png" alt="Capture d’écran 2021-10-21 à 19.30.27.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Détail :&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Édition Windows 10 Professionnel</P><P>Version Dev</P><P>Build du système d’exploitation 21390.2025</P><P>Expérience Windows 10 Feature Experience Pack 321.13302.10.3</P><P> </P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 17:38:20 GMT MalD16 2021-10-21T17:38:20Z Update issue <P><SPAN>whenever i tried to open update Manu it is saying "Something went wrong. Try to reopen setting later" </SPAN></P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 16:21:32 GMT anik785 2021-10-21T16:21:32Z windows insider program dev and glitches <P>Hello so i been using windows 10 then i used windows 11 insider program as dev but after it averthing was good but after a time my computer starts lagging glitching erroring for krnl trap mode so i wanted get back to the old windows 10 but i cant i must erase all my data please PLEASE HELP ME</P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 14:54:36 GMT saif12360 2021-10-21T14:54:36Z Windows 11 DEV this is legal update to Windows 11? <P>Good afternoon, I upgraded to the Windows 11 Dev channel with Windows 10 before the official release of windows 11.<BR />Now I can't go to the Beta channel with DEV and upgrade to the release version of Windows 11.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><OL><LI>Can I continue to stay in the insiders program DEV Win11 without fear of losing the upgrade to windows 11 when I quit the insiders program?</LI><LI>After I quit Insiders programm DEV will I remain on windows 10 without the ability to upgrade to windows 11 ?</LI><LI>If I participate in insiders program win 11 DEV, does it count that I have already officially upgraded my windows 10 to windows 11 ?<BR /><BR />as far as I know, i can only upgrade from windows 10 to windows 11 for free for a limited time, but because I can't switch from the DEV channel to BETA or Reliase I don't know if I am already upgraded or not<BR /><BR /></LI></OL> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 13:59:22 GMT AlexeyHRDESIGN 2021-10-21T13:59:22Z Failed to install on ‎21/‎10/‎2021 - 0xc1900101 after trying to update to windows 11 <P>Hello.</P><P>I tried to update my windows 10 to windows 11. I checked before PC health check. everything was fine and my laptop has the requirements.</P><P>after to many trying I received this error.&nbsp;<SPAN>Failed to install on ‎21/‎10/‎2021 - 0xc1900101.</SPAN></P><P>I uninstalled my antivirus. I check my UEFI and TBM status and were fine. I updated all my drivers and bios. but again. update does not work.</P><P>I sent my problem to Microsoft support. they told me to try&nbsp;&nbsp;sfc/scannow in CMD.</P><P>this was the result:&nbsp;Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations.</P><P>I talked with the HP support of my laptop. they just sent me the documentation for installing windows 11 manually. I don't want to do it. I want to update my windows 10 to windows 11 from windows update setting.</P><P>what's this problem?</P><P>why when it's not ready, I can see it in windows update setting?</P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 14:08:35 GMT omidgh1 2021-10-21T14:08:35Z Windows 10 update problem <P><STRONG>windows 10 20H2</STRONG> is installed on my computer right now and if I want to update my computer is trying to install <STRONG>Windows 11 insider preview 10.0.22000.160 (co_release)</STRONG> but my computer is <U><EM>not</EM> </U>compatible with win 11.</P><P>On the settings of Windows insider-program It states that my pc isn't compatible and asked me witch channel I want to use to get the windows 10 insider preview updates and I selected BETA</P><P>Can anybody help me with this issue</P><P>Thanks in advance</P><P>Eric</P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 12:49:29 GMT EricVdM 2021-10-21T12:49:29Z Windows 10 Insider Programm <P>Bisher war ich im Insider Programm angemeldet.&nbsp;</P><P>Heute habe ich gesehen, obwohl ich im Juli das Insider Betriebsbuild&nbsp;22000.258 installiert hatte, das ich im Insider Programm abgemeldet wurde und habe&nbsp;mich auch wieder angemeldet.</P><P>Kann mir bitte jemand sagen warum ich abgemeldet wurde?</P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 09:46:33 GMT Niels_W730 2021-10-21T09:46:33Z Exit Windows Insider Programme <P>I would like to leave the insider program, so that I can install the <STRONG>official</STRONG> version of Windows 11, and not the Insider one.</P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 08:57:04 GMT rfernandes16 2021-10-21T08:57:04Z Realtek Audio Console <P>After Installing the Windows 11 (Insider preview), the realtek audio console didn't work, it throws an error "Can not connect to RPC services". I have tried reinstalling audio drivers and restarting audio services. Still the realtek audio console.</P> Thu, 21 Oct 2021 07:56:27 GMT Sidharth001 2021-10-21T07:56:27Z Windows Dev Android Subsystem <P>Please add the Android Subsystem and Amazon Store to the dev preview soon.&nbsp;</P> Wed, 20 Oct 2021 23:07:37 GMT hecmanuel27 2021-10-20T23:07:37Z How to update to Dev Channel 21337 or newer? <P><SPAN>Hi, I'm trying to get the Auto HDR feature within Windows 10. I joined the insider program and have even gone so far as to use an enablement package to get on 21H2 and there is still no Auto HDR function visible within Windows 10. I have looked but cannot find a way to update to dev channel 21337. How do I go about accomplishing this without updating to 11? Thanks.</SPAN><BR /><BR /><SPAN>WinVer = 19043.1319</SPAN></P> Wed, 20 Oct 2021 18:30:35 GMT vulcan78 2021-10-20T18:30:35Z Taskbar Layout XML W10/W11, Start XML W10 and Start JSON Win11 - but same Policy location? <P>We manage 80,000+ workstations for hundreds of hospitals and multiple health authorities. We have a Start Menu and Taskbar XML for each health authority for Windows 10.<BR /><BR />We want to use the same Start Menu/Taskbar XML icons for Windows 11 as we have for Win10.<BR /><BR /></P><P>We already have the&nbsp;Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Start Menu and Taskbar\Start Layout pointing to the Start/Taskbar XML located on Netlogon that works for Win10 AND Win11 taskbar, BUT with Windows 11 the start layout has to be JSON but the Win11 Taskbar is still XML and there is only ONE GPO location to put both and XML for the Taskbar AND the JSON for the Start Layout?<BR />These web instructions do not show how to do both?<BR />Why is there not another GPO location for the JSON?<BR /><A href="#" target="_blank"></A>&nbsp;<BR /><A href="#" target="_blank"></A>&nbsp;<BR /><BR />This one works for everything BUT the Windows 11 Start Menu.<BR /><BR />&lt;LayoutModificationTemplate<BR />xmlns="<A href="#" target="_blank"></A>"<BR />xmlns:defaultlayout="<A href="#" target="_blank"></A>"<BR />xmlns:start="<A href="#" target="_blank"></A>"<BR />xmlns:taskbar="<A href="#" target="_blank"></A>"<BR />Version="1"&gt;<BR />&lt;LayoutOptions StartTileGroupCellWidth="6" /&gt;<BR />&lt;DefaultLayoutOverride LayoutCustomizationRestrictionType="OnlySpecifiedGroups"&gt;<BR />&lt;StartLayoutCollection&gt;<BR />&lt;defaultlayout:StartLayout GroupCellWidth="6" xmlns:defaultlayout="<A href="#" target="_blank"></A>"&gt;<BR />&lt;start:Group Name="" xmlns:start="<A href="#" target="_blank"></A>"&gt;<BR />&lt;start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="2" Row="0" DesktopApplicationID="Microsoft.InternetExplorer.Default" /&gt;<BR />&lt;start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="0" Row="0" DesktopApplicationID="Microsoft.Windows.Computer" /&gt;<BR />&lt;start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="0" Row="4" DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Skype for Business 2016.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="2" Row="2" DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Excel 2016.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="4" Row="0" DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Outlook 2016.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="4" Row="2" DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\PowerPoint 2016.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;start:DesktopApplicationTile Size="2x2" Column="0" Row="2" DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Word 2016.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;/start:Group&gt;<BR />&lt;/defaultlayout:StartLayout&gt;<BR />&lt;/StartLayoutCollection&gt;<BR />&lt;/DefaultLayoutOverride&gt;<BR />&lt;CustomTaskbarLayoutCollection PinListPlacement="Replace"&gt;<BR />&lt;defaultlayout:TaskbarLayout&gt;<BR />&lt;taskbar:TaskbarPinList&gt;<BR />&lt;taskbar:DesktopApp DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\System Tools\File Explorer.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;taskbar:DesktopApp DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Internet Explorer.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;taskbar:DesktopApp DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office 2013\Excel 2013.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;taskbar:DesktopApp DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office 2013\Word 2013.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;taskbar:DesktopApp DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office 2013\Outlook 2013.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;taskbar:DesktopApp DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office 2013\PowerPoint 2013.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;taskbar:DesktopApp DesktopApplicationLinkPath="%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Microsoft Office 2013\Skype for Business 2015.lnk" /&gt;<BR />&lt;/taskbar:TaskbarPinList&gt;<BR />&lt;/defaultlayout:TaskbarLayout&gt;<BR />&lt;/CustomTaskbarLayoutCollection&gt;<BR />&lt;/LayoutModificationTemplate&gt;</P> Wed, 20 Oct 2021 16:22:42 GMT lforbes 2021-10-20T16:22:42Z Task bar and start menu not working <P>I have seen that this is an issue many people are facing in which the task bar and the start menu are not available. I have tried the below fix however when running the script I am getting an error that the location cant be found</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><SPAN>Step 1: Use CTRL-ALT-DEL and choose to open Task Manager.</SPAN><BR /><SPAN>Step 2: Choose “More details” at the bottom of Task Manager to expand Task Manager.</SPAN><BR /><SPAN>Step 3: Go to “File” and choose “Run new task”.</SPAN><BR /><SPAN>Step 4: Type “cmd” in the “Open” field.</SPAN><BR /><SPAN>Step 5: Paste the following (everything in bold):</SPAN><BR /><SPAN>reg delete HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\IrisService /f &amp;&amp; shutdown -r -t 0</SPAN><BR /><SPAN>Step 6: Hit enter, and then your PC should reboot. After rebooting, everything should be back to normal.</SPAN></P> Wed, 20 Oct 2021 15:30:31 GMT shervieu95 2021-10-20T15:30:31Z Trying to download the Windows 10 Insider Preview 10.0.22478.1012 with an error message <P>Hi All,</P><P>Running a Mac Air M1 with Windows 10 Pro and windows advises my current version build 21390 will expire on 31/10 and I must download the new version . I Click on the download buttom for&nbsp; build no Windows 10 Insider Preview 10.0.22478.1012 rs prerelease and it stops at 8% download , gives me a fix option to click on then tells me The PC doesn't currently meet Windows 11 system requiirements . Here's why * The PC&nbsp; must support TPM 2.0.&nbsp;</P><P>Can someone please help me to sort this out.&nbsp;</P> Wed, 20 Oct 2021 07:59:43 GMT Medallion 2021-10-20T07:59:43Z New Build isn't showing in Windows Update <P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="James32505_0-1634703765831.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="James32505_0-1634703765831.png" alt="James32505_0-1634703765831.png" /></span></P><P>I have tried the Troubleshoot and nothing helped i have tried windows update several times and it still now show up. how do i get the new build?</P> Wed, 20 Oct 2021 04:23:40 GMT James32505 2021-10-20T04:23:40Z Windows 11 Insider Dev channel tries to download and install Windows 10 Insider <P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="ApplicationFrameHost_dNv7Miwmft.png" style="width: 715px;"><img src=";px=999" role="button" title="ApplicationFrameHost_dNv7Miwmft.png" alt="ApplicationFrameHost_dNv7Miwmft.png" /></span></P><P>I was on the dev channel for a while, and at some point i stopped getting updates since i didnt have a "windows 11 ready" system (i didnt enable tpm in bios)</P><P>I re-enabled it and tried to update my win11 insider build. When I selected the Dev channel, it tried to download and install a Windows&nbsp;<EM><STRONG>10</STRONG></EM><EM>&nbsp;</EM>build. Specifically, as seen in the photo, "windows 10 insider preview 10.0.22478.1012 (rs_prerelease)". When I switched to the Beta channel, it was able to download and install a cumulative win11 update just fine. I've used the troubleshooting steps and even installed a win11 dev build from an&nbsp;<EM>iso</EM> and the issue still persists. I've tried letting it download and install this win10 build but it just fails and does nothing, and then tries to reinstall on the next boot. how can i get the latest win11 dev beta?</P> Tue, 19 Oct 2021 19:38:41 GMT melodyflorum 2021-10-19T19:38:41Z porque me aparece el error 0x0 <P>porque me aparece el error 0x0 en el programa de insider ya que me quiero registrar y me aparece ese error como lo puedo solucionar y a horrita me aparecio que el programa que no se puede conectar con el servidor como lo puedo solucionar&nbsp;</P> Tue, 19 Oct 2021 17:37:30 GMT Brando_Kael_De_Len 2021-10-19T17:37:30Z Slow Internet Speed On Windows 11 <P>I recentley switched to a ethernet cable since normal wifi was giving me awful download speeds. Now that i have switched to ethernet nothing has changed, my download speed is still at 200kb/s, any thoughts on how to fix this ?</P> Tue, 19 Oct 2021 17:37:09 GMT warrennn 2021-10-19T17:37:09Z windows 11 heat problem with ryzen <P>hi i have ryzen 5900x and i'm facing heat with my processor because the frequency always high to 4.4 ghz and the cpu usage is 2% and i don't know how to solve this issue and avoid the heat hope to help me to solve this issue ASAP.&nbsp;</P> Tue, 19 Oct 2021 15:52:06 GMT peter_oussa 2021-10-19T15:52:06Z Viele Probleme bei Win 11 <P>Das heir ist zum Beispiel mein Taskmanager =)</img></P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Screenshot 2021-10-19 171859.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Screenshot 2021-10-19 171859.png" alt="Screenshot 2021-10-19 171859.png" /></span></P><P>Aber das ist nicht das einzige =)</img></P><P>Bei manchen Fenstern bleibt ein kleiner Spalt am Boden frei, bei welchem man das darunter liegende Programm sieht. Hier z.B. ein PDF (Weiß)</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Toni5401_0-1634657763036.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Toni5401_0-1634657763036.png" alt="Toni5401_0-1634657763036.png" /></span></P><P>Des Weiteren öffnet sich WhatsApp (Microsoft Store App) nicht, das Quick Menü zum Einstellen von WLAN geht einfach nicht. Ich kann so viel Drücken wie Ich will nichts passiert.</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Toni5401_1-1634657969744.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Toni5401_1-1634657969744.png" alt="Toni5401_1-1634657969744.png" /></span></P><P>Und zu allem Überfluss funktioniert die Support Desktop App nicht. Was für eine Ironie.</P><P>Ich hoffe nur das sich das mit dem offiziellen Release ändert ;)</img></P><P> </P> Tue, 19 Oct 2021 15:43:31 GMT Toni5401 2021-10-19T15:43:31Z windows insider <P>bonjour pourquoi je suis plus dans le programme et que c'est en étranger</P> Tue, 19 Oct 2021 15:04:24 GMT yves_cursan 2021-10-19T15:04:24Z It says that there's a new Insider build but when checking Windows Update I'm up to date. <P>Under "Windows Insider Program" in Settings it now says "A new build is available in Windows Update" but when I open Windows Update and check for updates it says "You're up to date". I am new to the Insider Program and wonder what I am missing here. Is there an update that I am not getting or is it just that it hasn't hit my Windows Update yet?</P> Tue, 19 Oct 2021 14:30:57 GMT cdysthe 2021-10-19T14:30:57Z Windows 11 - Explorer forever loading folder or crashing when navigating <P>Using Evaluation copy. Build 22478.rs__prerelease.211008-1414.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>When I open explorer, it will show the green progress bar in the address bar/directory bar, it'll keep loading forever without ever showing any files. This happens if I open explorer from my task bar:</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="waptaincaffles_2-1634651147474.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="waptaincaffles_2-1634651147474.png" alt="waptaincaffles_2-1634651147474.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Alternatively I managed to make a folder on my desktop, I can open this folder, but if I then open a folder which is nested inside this one, explorer crashes / stop responding:</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="waptaincaffles_0-1634651046653.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="waptaincaffles_0-1634651046653.png" alt="waptaincaffles_0-1634651046653.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>This has been present since installing this update, sometimes everything functions perfectly, but it seems to be more of an issue as time goes on.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Something else I have noticed, my desktop icons will sometimes fail to load, not sure if this is related to issues with explorer, as this happens in explorer (aswell as thumbnails). Maybe something to do with indexing broken? I don't know, but you'll also notice none of the other 'quick access' / 'this computer' / 'network' are showing in the first screenshot either.</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Tue, 19 Oct 2021 13:51:56 GMT waptaincaffles 2021-10-19T13:51:56Z Windows 10 ARM download <P>I need the windows 10 ARM preview, but I can't find it. I contacted Microsoft support, and they told me that they don't have this version anymore, but that I can ask on this forum if someone has a backup or something. Can anyone help me?</P> Tue, 19 Oct 2021 13:25:21 GMT Federico99 2021-10-19T13:25:21Z Camera not Working after recent update <P>Hello, this is Nikhil, I'm on beta channel for couple of months, recent update messed up my camera, it is giving&nbsp;0xA00F4244 error,</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="NotNikhil_0-1634634290820.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="NotNikhil_0-1634634290820.png" alt="NotNikhil_0-1634634290820.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P> Tue, 19 Oct 2021 09:08:00 GMT NotNikhil 2021-10-19T09:08:00Z Problem with writing in Windows Settings and in the Menu (example searching for Applications) <P>Hello,</P><P>I have the Problem with Windows 11, that I cant write anything into the Menu where you search for applications. I have the same problem in the settings, so I cant search for settings or anything releated to the Windows 11 Settings. I searched for that problem, but I could find an answer. I also tried to exit the Windows DEV channel, but I couldn't do it. Windows cant find, that im registred in the DEV channel.</P><P>Can someone help me?</P><P>Would be very nice.</P><P>Thanks in advance</P> Tue, 19 Oct 2021 05:13:46 GMT bens229 2021-10-19T05:13:46Z Windows 11 bug - Cannot move the taskbar to the Side or top <P>We run hospitals and have 86,000 workstations that we will be upgrading to Windows 11. However, one HUGE stumbling block has been the broken Taskbar and that it will no longer move. We have clinical apps that have their own Taskbars at the top and the bottom so we HAVE to have the taskbar set on the Side. We have UEV that roams the setting.<BR /><BR />However, with Windows 11 that functionality seems to be removed. It is very annoying that Microsoft is removing functionality and dumbing things down.<BR /><BR />Can they please fix it. We have had Moving taskbars since Windows 95. I cannot believe they removed that feature.</P> Mon, 18 Oct 2021 21:08:26 GMT lforbes 2021-10-18T21:08:26Z Windows 11 Dev Channel: don't receiving an update <P>I am currently running the dev-channel of Windows 11, 22449.1000, it's almost outdated therefore I wish to update to a newer one, but I don't receive any updates in windows center, moreover I can't even change the channel through the buttons, they are unavailable for me.&nbsp;</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="ukn0wme_0-1634584283448.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="ukn0wme_0-1634584283448.png" alt="ukn0wme_0-1634584283448.png" /></span></P><P>Windows update center states "An error found, Last check: today 1:04", and that never changes.<BR />I don't wish to get a clean reinstallation, as I have a lot of files on this PC.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Mon, 18 Oct 2021 19:12:51 GMT ukn0wme 2021-10-18T19:12:51Z i cant update my windows 11 <P><SPAN>Windows 11 Insider Preview 10.0.22000.65 (co_release)</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>cant update please help</SPAN></P> Mon, 18 Oct 2021 15:51:20 GMT Smitha_p 2021-10-18T15:51:20Z Changer du canal Dev, au canal Beta windows 11 insider <P>Edition Windows 11 Pro Insider Preview<BR />Version Dev<BR />Installiert am ‎17.‎10.‎2021<BR />Betriebssystembuild 22478.1012<BR />Leistung Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22478.1012.0<BR /><BR />Gerätename :artist_palette:</img>henry-lab<BR />Prozessor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz 2.71 GHz<BR />Installierter RAM 8,00 GB<BR />Systemtyp 64-Bit-Betriebssystem, x64-basierter Prozessor<BR /><BR /><BR /><BR />Salut, je suis sur le canal Dev du programme insider de Windows 11. Je souhaiterais passer au canal Beta, mais ceci est impossible dans les réglages. Apres quelques recherches, j'ai compris qu'il faut que ma machine est la configuration minimale, et qu'il ait une Build Beta qui correspond a la Build Dev a laquelle je suis.</P><P>Ma question, je n'ai pas la configuration minimum pour windows 11, mais est ce que j'ai la configuration minimale pour windows 11 Beta? Si oui, comment savoir quand une build 11 Beta sera disponible pour que je puisse changer? Dois je juste attendre?<BR /><BR />Merci a l'avance de votre retour</P> Mon, 18 Oct 2021 15:39:56 GMT BipolarBrown 2021-10-18T15:39:56Z Build expires <P>Dear all,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I hope you can help me with the Build program issue. I am working on a Imac (m1)-parallels device. I have no idea why this program is expiring. Is registration the solution? Could somebody help me?&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Regards Jazz</P> Mon, 18 Oct 2021 13:17:22 GMT Jazzzm 2021-10-18T13:17:22Z Windows 11 File Explorer controls are potentially unclear to older users <P>I work with many older clients over the age of 70 and several tell me they do not "read" icons very well, and prefer to look for text on screen to help them remember what the "different buttons do."</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>The optional large ribbon of toolbar buttons in Windows 10 File Explorer made things extremely clear, with large buttons and icons with clear text explaining the common functions of copying, pasting, moving, renaming, sharing or deleting items.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I personally like the minimal design of Windows 11, and it is great that the design follows through all apps, so that the icons are the same, but I would really like to see a few more text labels.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I attach a suggested improvement for File Explorer:</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="GrahamSTMC_1-1634561525741.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="GrahamSTMC_1-1634561525741.png" alt="GrahamSTMC_1-1634561525741.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Mon, 18 Oct 2021 12:53:23 GMT Graham-STMC 2021-10-18T12:53:23Z cant update windows <P>I can't update windows anymore windows shows "error encountered" without any error code</P> Mon, 18 Oct 2021 09:44:14 GMT amir_kho 2021-10-18T09:44:14Z Widgets not working in windows 11 Please help anybody Mon, 18 Oct 2021 09:05:25 GMT lonesoul 2021-10-18T09:05:25Z Troubleshooting virtual box while installing W11 <P>Hey,</P><P>Need some help!</P><P>We were hoping to upgrade to windows 11. However, my system is not allowing the upgrade unless we uninstall virtual box which we don't have in our system. What should we do. We tried restarting the computer and clearing out and checking virtual box things. Still its not allowing the upgraded.</P><P>We are getting alert the system will shut down if the upgrade is not completed within a time frame.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Please help</P> Mon, 18 Oct 2021 07:24:15 GMT AMcleod500 2021-10-18T07:24:15Z Windows 11 update problem <P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-right" image-alt="Screenshot 2021-10-17 091622.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Screenshot 2021-10-17 091622.png" alt="Screenshot 2021-10-17 091622.png" /></span><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-right" image-alt="Screenshot 2021-10-17 091547.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Screenshot 2021-10-17 091547.png" alt="Screenshot 2021-10-17 091547.png" /></span></P><P>Help my insider program said there is a new build avaiavailable but when I run windows update, it said that I am already up to date. I am running build 22000.258 and my pc is fully compatible with Windows 11&nbsp;</P> Mon, 18 Oct 2021 01:31:48 GMT Duc_Quang 2021-10-18T01:31:48Z windows 11 insider <P>i am in the windows 11 insider dev channel yet i am being shown an update for the windows 10 insider preview, im unable to talk to support about the issue and can not get the latest dev build.</P> Mon, 18 Oct 2021 00:25:45 GMT masoncoates 2021-10-18T00:25:45Z Win + z Options <P>I am sure this has been covered many times by others, but!<BR /><BR />could we have a customization tool for this service as I have a large monitor and certain monitor real estate options would be nice to have, like pixel-perfect locations and not edge of screen alignment?<BR /><BR />If such options are out there, it is so hard to find, and dare I say, those annoying videos we use to get on old windows, would be quite useful here!<BR /><BR />I don't want box plus box positioning I would like totally definable Options.<BR /><BR />Top left to edge of screen seems at 1st logical but on some screens, this may be quite far away. If I am typing out from one form to another a central set of windows is far better. Also, things like webcam position, if I can align the app I look to more approximate with the web cam IRL, I can have a more human conversation and when I look away to enter the person's details into the database, they will see my head and eye turn away for a nonverbal "let me just enter this in" motion.<BR /><BR />In this way a window underneath or custom background can be used to display peripheral information like emails coming in or the time.<BR /><BR /><BR /><BR />I dub this option, *Snap Here*</P> Sun, 17 Oct 2021 22:47:26 GMT PhillipM0f 2021-10-17T22:47:26Z Audio problem with update KB5006746 <P>Hello,<BR /><BR />I got the update&nbsp;KB5006746 on my computer (Lenovo Yoga Slim 7) since October 16th.<BR /><BR />Unfortunately, it came with a big disturbing audio problem: everytime I start a call on Skype, the sound of my computer become really bad when I try to listen to music, go on Youtube etc... I can't find the origin of the problem...<BR /><BR />Can anybody help me please? Thanks!</P> Sun, 17 Oct 2021 17:55:38 GMT LejolyPJ 2021-10-17T17:55:38Z Windows 11 Installation Gets to 85% then Reboots <P>I have been trying to install Windows 11 since October 5th and I continue to get the following sequence of events.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I am using the Microsoft Installation Application to install a clean install of Windows 10. Everything goes fine until it gets to 85% on the installation then the 30-minute timer pops up and gives the choice to Restore Now or Wait. (I have done both ways). Once the computer reboots, almost immediately the BSOD pops up stating the there was a problem and it was reset back to original settings. The Error message states "UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAP" and goes back to the latest version of Windows 10.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I did some research and found that the error indicated that the problem could possibly be a Driver Issue. So checked with Windows Update and did all the updates I could find for my computer. I then went to HP and checked for any and all updates there. Finally went to AMD and updated again everything I could find to update. But even after doing all that I continue to get the same error and same results every time.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Also under the Insider Program, I ran this computer on all the versions of Windows 11 preview under the DEV chain and had no problems until the last update, I believe it was the 471 version. Once that version dropped I was unable to update this computer to that version and never was able to get past the next to last version. Sorry can't remember which one it was, 374 I think.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Is there anything I can do to get to update my computer to Windows 11? I have tried everything that I could find by searching but to no avail. I have done the SFC, DISM, CHKDSK, etc. Is there a problem with updating my brand/version computer? Will there be a different update for this type of problem?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Here is my computer specs: HP 14 inch Laptop PC 14-f1000 (2L1BOAV) Product number - 3D3F1UA#ABA, 8 Gig DD4 Memory, 256g SSD.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanks for any help.</P> Sun, 17 Oct 2021 15:56:58 GMT Freeop 2021-10-17T15:56:58Z Insider preview kann nicht beendet werden windows 11 <P>kann ich meine datei abspeichern</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Sun, 17 Oct 2021 15:07:18 GMT Kraemer187 2021-10-17T15:07:18Z Win11 Taskbar wont hide <P>I have the taskbar set to auto hide but it remains stubbornly on top. This hides the last row when using file explorer. Taskbar has a fix location at the bottom of the screen I dont have any workaround...</P> Sun, 17 Oct 2021 05:26:58 GMT Ojuice66 2021-10-17T05:26:58Z DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL <P>So I recently updated my PC to Windows 11 Pro Insider View and have been experiencing this GSOD where the stop code is DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL and what failed is L1C63x64.sys, and this crash is completely random like I won't even get to know why it crashed and all, if anyone knows how to fix this kindly help, Thanks.</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="20211016_105304.jpg" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="20211016_105304.jpg" alt="20211016_105304.jpg" /></span></P><P> </P> Sun, 17 Oct 2021 03:08:42 GMT Danish_Z 2021-10-17T03:08:42Z KB5006746 <P>This Win11 update, hangs when I restart the computer.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I had to pause the Updates for a week in order to prevent&nbsp;KB5006746 to reinstall again.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Please advise.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="denisdubois_0-1634423028968.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="denisdubois_0-1634423028968.png" alt="denisdubois_0-1634423028968.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Regards,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Sat, 16 Oct 2021 22:27:32 GMT denisdubois 2021-10-16T22:27:32Z Windows 11 should restore taskbar location option <P>Just switched to the Win11</P><P>I have been using the right-hand side taskbar since windows 7.</P><P>This stems from the screens aspect ratio, which allows for plenty of sideways view, allowing to maximize the vertical view. which for all visual work/ excel/ reading digital docs etc.. is invaluable.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I know from youtube that I'm not the only or first to bring this up, but it would mean a lot if Microsoft enables this.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>ps -If Microsoft team for win11 can also enable grouping of pinned icons, it would also be very conducive, since it can give me "a view at a glance" of all of my important software, arranged by groups which mean something to me as opposed to a varying separate icons in random rows ad several pages which I now have to scroll through in search of what I want/ need to do my work.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Both changes, I'm quit sure will be very welcome by all win11 users and will help advance this eddition of windows.</P> Sat, 16 Oct 2021 18:57:24 GMT KnowsKnot 2021-10-16T18:57:24Z 22478.10[00|12] <P>Hmm.</P><P>Insider Preview took me [first] to 22478.1000 today.&nbsp; Upon rebooting I could login but it crashed shortly thereafter in what appeared to be a greenscreen doom-loop.&nbsp; "Windows Insider Preview edition encountered an error ..."&nbsp; Previously to get out of these I've had to do a Windows reset from the Recovery Console.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>This time, after 3 or 4 attempts Windows stabilized (whatever that means) and I was able to complete the login and start working.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>No audio.&nbsp; Dug around.&nbsp; I have, admittedly old, Logitech Z340 speakers.&nbsp; (may have to replace them - but I'm not eager to do so).&nbsp; They don't even appear in Device Manage so maybe they're no longer supported.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Then 1012 appeared.&nbsp; Applied that.&nbsp; I'm not sure I've ever seen a second update appear this quickly on the heels of a first and it doesn't inspire confidence as regards stability.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Still no audio though.&nbsp; Depending on just how much of a problem that is, I'd prefer to wait a couple of days before going out and getting new speakers (But will they be compatible with 11?&nbsp; Who knows.)</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>After lots of problems with Insider, I'd gladly exit but, even with some research, it's not entirely clear to me how I would time my exit from Insider and be sure that I have a genuinely stable version of Windows.&nbsp; And if that's not clear, then MSFT continues to have me by the short hairs as an increasingly unwilling Windows tester.</P> Sat, 16 Oct 2021 18:10:50 GMT patfla123 2021-10-16T18:10:50Z account admin <P>even though im admin i cant perform some tasks because the error says im not admin</P> Fri, 15 Oct 2021 19:36:33 GMT SouthernComrade 2021-10-15T19:36:33Z