Windows deployment topics Windows deployment topics Tue, 19 Oct 2021 18:58:50 GMT Windows10deployment 2021-10-19T18:58:50Z Setup School PC Provisioning Fail <P>Hello everyone,</P><P>There was a previous thread that I followed from June of 2020 and provided a bit of an option for a solution, however, it didn't work. I'm attaching a screen capture of 'skydrive' and 'sway' failing to provision. Any help is greatly appreciated!</P> Wed, 15 Sep 2021 21:21:05 GMT jdksps 2021-09-15T21:21:05Z Applying Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer profile fails and causes boot loops <P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">What I am trying to do is make a profile in Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer that does the following.</P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">Domain join<BR />Local admin<BR />Rename the computer<BR />Skip Out of box/Turn off Cortana<BR />Enrol into our MDM (airwatch)<BR />Upgrade Windows Edition to Education edition</P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">&nbsp;</P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">I have four machines (1 HP ProBook 4340s and 3 x Dell Latitude 3380) with the ProBook running Windows 10 Education 1607 Build 14393 and the Latitude's running Windows 10 Education 21H1 Build 19043.1052</P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">&nbsp;</P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">When I use the profile on the ProBook everything works as expected other than enrol into our MDM (working on figuring that part out) but when I use the exact same USB on the Latitudes Windows will upgrade the Windows Edition, reboot, creates local admin account and then everything else will display a "failed" message on screen next to the task (domain join, rename and enrol into MDM). After it has failed it will say "your computer will reboot in less than one minute", it will reboot and then just keep repeating "your computer will reboot in less than one minute".</P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">&nbsp;</P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">I have tried removing the upgrade edition part and rebuilding the package to another freshly formatted USB and still get the same boot loop.</P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">&nbsp;</P><LI-CODE lang="yaml">&lt;?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?&gt; &lt;WindowsCustomizations&gt; &lt;PackageConfig xmlns="urn:schemas-Microsoft-com:Windows-ICD-Package-Config.v1.0"&gt; &lt;ID&gt;{927a49e6-9d78-4bd8-8aa9-894a416ee45b}&lt;/ID&gt; &lt;Name&gt;Project_1&lt;/Name&gt; &lt;Version&gt;1.2&lt;/Version&gt; &lt;OwnerType&gt;ITAdmin&lt;/OwnerType&gt; &lt;Rank&gt;0&lt;/Rank&gt; &lt;Notes /&gt; &lt;/PackageConfig&gt; &lt;Settings xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:windows-provisioning"&gt; &lt;Customizations&gt; &lt;Common&gt; &lt;Accounts&gt; &lt;ComputerAccount&gt; &lt;Account&gt;domain\ADJoin&lt;/Account&gt; &lt;AccountOU&gt;OU=2022,etc,etc&lt;/AccountOU&gt; &lt;ComputerName&gt;code-%SERIAL%&lt;/ComputerName&gt; &lt;DomainName&gt;;/DomainName&gt; &lt;Password&gt;password&lt;/Password&gt; &lt;/ComputerAccount&gt; &lt;Users&gt; &lt;User UserName="local admin" Name="local admin"&gt; &lt;Password&gt;local password&lt;/Password&gt; &lt;UserGroup&gt;Administrators&lt;/UserGroup&gt; &lt;/User&gt; &lt;/Users&gt; &lt;/Accounts&gt; &lt;OOBE&gt; &lt;Desktop&gt; &lt;EnableCortanaVoice&gt;False&lt;/EnableCortanaVoice&gt; &lt;HideOobe&gt;True&lt;/HideOobe&gt; &lt;/Desktop&gt; &lt;/OOBE&gt; &lt;Workplace&gt; &lt;Enrollments&gt; &lt;UPN UPN="account@airwatch" Name="account@airwatch"&gt; &lt;AuthPolicy&gt;OnPremise&lt;/AuthPolicy&gt; &lt;DiscoveryServiceFullUrl&gt;url here&lt;/DiscoveryServiceFullUrl&gt; &lt;EnrollmentServiceFullUrl&gt;url here&lt;/EnrollmentServiceFullUrl&gt; &lt;PolicyServiceFullUrl&gt;url here&lt;/PolicyServiceFullUrl&gt; &lt;Secret&gt;password&lt;/Secret&gt; &lt;/UPN&gt; &lt;/Enrollments&gt; &lt;/Workplace&gt; &lt;/Common&gt; &lt;/Customizations&gt; &lt;/Settings&gt; &lt;/WindowsCustomizations&gt;</LI-CODE> Fri, 10 Sep 2021 02:44:57 GMT BWMerlin 2021-09-10T02:44:57Z Access Azure Artifacts from Intune <P>Is there a way to directly access Azure DevOps artifacts directly from Endpoint Manager/Intune without having to write a powershell script?</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Thu, 09 Sep 2021 18:10:58 GMT DaveHed 2021-09-09T18:10:58Z How to capture windows xp image? <P>Hi,</P><P>I am a windows experimenter. I recently learnt about audit mode in windows vista+. I started creating my custom editions of windows with all compatible apps/programs installed (NOT for commercial use, just for me). I would install a fresh copy of windows on a VM, press Ctrl+Shift+F3 to boot into audit mode, install programs/updates/hotfixes, run generalized sysprep, and would reboot into a PE to capture the image. Then I'd copy over the wim (or esd) file to my host, drop it in the official iso, and reseal the bootable iso file. I know how to use DISM and ImageX for capturing images. When I came to Windows XP though (i know it is out of support, but still), it apparently had no audit mode. And then when i looked up on the web, I found a few useful articles. Everything went fine until that sysprep shutdown. But I don't remember any windows XP pe out there. I tried Vista PE, but it made a .wim file. I'm pretty familiar with Wim files, but I don't know about windows XP's setup structure. Some articles say I have to somehow reboot into something called WDS, but that feels a little too complicated. Moreover, i think it needs an older WDS version.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>SO, can anybody suggest me an (easy) way to capture windows XP? I shall be really grateful. And yes, Please don't treat me as a deployment expert! I feel like a noob in this field.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanking you.</P> Tue, 03 Aug 2021 07:47:28 GMT Hero123xyz 2021-08-03T07:47:28Z Windows 10 21H2 LTSC Kiosk fixes? <P>Hello there</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Does anyone know if the Kiosk mode of the new LTSC will be a working one instead of what we got now?</P><P>Will there finally be an option to enable the on screen keyboard for touch kiosks?<BR />If the Kiosk is configured through provisioning packages the switching to a normal account does force me to start the explorer.exe manually in order to get a halfway working desktop. Will this behaviour be fixed?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>LTSC is great for things like touchpanels&nbsp; etc. but the kiosk mode as it is right now is unusable sadly...</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Yeah, does anyone have a clue if and when they are attempting such things to fix?<BR />(Windows 11 still has the same problems)</P> Thu, 29 Jul 2021 07:03:06 GMT AleDile 2021-07-29T07:03:06Z When Upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Windows 11 Home <P>Today's Microsoft inspire breakout indicated the Windows 11 Home does not allow local accounts.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Question: What occurs when a Windows 10 Home client with a local account is upgraded to Windows 11 Home?</P> Thu, 15 Jul 2021 22:11:47 GMT JoeDatam 2021-07-15T22:11:47Z สอบถาม <P>วินโด10แท้สามารใช้ได้ตลอดใช่ไหมคับ</P> Wed, 14 Jul 2021 10:59:00 GMT pc11111 2021-07-14T10:59:00Z Windows 10 LTSC Answer File Issues in OfflineServicing pass <P>I have a license for distribution of my company's product.&nbsp; I've applied the license without any issue and have numerous settings to prepare the master copy of our harddrive before being put into production.&nbsp; While in production, this master harddrive would be duplicated multiple times.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Initially, this answer file that I created worked completely fine while using the evaluation copy of the Windows 10 LTSC.&nbsp; Now that I have a non-evaluation copy of the Windows 10 LTSC, it fails consistently at the OfflineServicing pass no matter if there is something there or not.&nbsp; Do I need to completely wipe the harddrive first before trying it?&nbsp; I can't tell if the right answer file is actually being used behind the scenes.&nbsp; There was a Windows 10 LTSC already installed, and I made a change to the answer file for the licensing and tried to reinstall Windows 10 on the computer with the newer answer file and it fails.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Also, bonus problem, after the Windows 10 installs on the evaluation build and I do sysprep after setting everything up, when Windows boots back up for OOBE, the start menu and cortana doesn't work at all for every user.&nbsp; I have no idea what's going on here and why it's doing that.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanks!</P> Wed, 07 Jul 2021 20:35:59 GMT jarciaga 2021-07-07T20:35:59Z Frequently asked questions about Windows 11 <P class="x-hidden-focus">Hello,</P><P>I think everyone in the tech world is having some questions about Windows 11.</P><P>I have, too. I have done a video on my YouTube Channel: Learn TECH, regarding Windows 11.</P><P>I have answered this questions according to information on Microsoft Page and my experience as System Administrator.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><DIV><P class="x-hidden-focus"><A href="#" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener noreferrer"></A></P></DIV> Mon, 05 Jul 2021 09:50:18 GMT Learn_TECH90 2021-07-05T09:50:18Z remove W10 App Microsoft.PPIProjection <P>Can someone help me to remove the app &gt;&gt;Microsoft.PPIProjection&lt;&lt; form Windows 20H2, i want to generalize my image for deployments.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>The app is marked as "NonRemovable" - i tried several scripts, without success.</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="taichroth_84_0-1625133873952.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="taichroth_84_0-1625133873952.png" alt="taichroth_84_0-1625133873952.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>THANK YOU</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Thu, 01 Jul 2021 10:07:40 GMT taichroth_84 2021-07-01T10:07:40Z PC System Status Check <P>PC Sistem Durumu Kontrolü bilgisayarı analiz eder ve WIN 11 ile uyumlu olmadığını söyler. Neden eksiklerden bahsetmiyor? PC donanımı yeterlidir. Gerekli düzeltmeleri yapalım. Teşekkürler...</P> Sat, 26 Jun 2021 10:29:50 GMT Osman_Kurtoğlu39 2021-06-26T10:29:50Z Windows 10 On-Screen Keyboard <P>Hi folks,&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>our organisation has recently purchased Surface Pro 7+ devices and we use Config Manager to image these.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>We use a PowerShell script that removes all the default app from the image during the Task Sequence but we are only just now finding out an slight issue with these devices in which the after the script runs it seems to "Remove" the On-Screen Keyboard. which it doesn't do on any of our other devices such as the HP Elite X2 Tablets.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>We have been using the same script for many years now without issue until these devices arrive.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Does anyone know if the keyboard is now an APPX application rather than the standard services of previous versions?&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>We are running Windows 10 21H1 10.0.19043.928 Enterprise.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanks all in advance.&nbsp;</P> Fri, 18 Jun 2021 10:04:56 GMT davidcraig31 2021-06-18T10:04:56Z Diagnostics and recovery toolkit <P>I want to create an iso for use when the admin password is lost on a non domain server. Is this product still supported for Windows Server 2016/ 2019? We are software assurance customers but I dont see how to download it. is there newer way of doing password recovery?<BR />Thanks</P> Wed, 09 Jun 2021 19:18:33 GMT gibby101 2021-06-09T19:18:33Z Deploy drivers when provisioning with Autopilot <P>I am re-purposing existing devices with Autopilot.&nbsp; I have an internal App that can only be deployed via Powershell script.&nbsp; This app requires all drivers be installed and current before starting.&nbsp; I am trying to find a way to insure all drivers are installed prior to this script getting called (it is assigned to a group that device is auto-joined, based on name).&nbsp; Any suggestions?</P> Mon, 07 Jun 2021 17:42:55 GMT DaveHed 2021-06-07T17:42:55Z Unattended answer file - settings for disk/partitions <P>Can someone give me some details on how to configure the disk and partitions settings in the System Image Manager so that the image I have created can be duplicated to other computers? I know the disk/partition setup settings are in WindowsPE Pass 1. Just plain and simple - one disk with one partition. I'm a little confused on this because all the forums and how-to pages I have read have the value WillWipeDisk set to "true." I am thinking if this has to be set in the answer file for automating the install - how do I avoid having my image wiped out? Just need some clarity here.</P> Wed, 26 May 2021 14:50:15 GMT mesaman82 2021-05-26T14:50:15Z Windows 10 green progress bar <P>I was wondering how I could create a green progress bar like this</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Computergeek11205_0-1621096267100.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Computergeek11205_0-1621096267100.png" alt="Computergeek11205_0-1621096267100.png" /></span></P><P>or like this</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Computergeek11205_1-1621096379403.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Computergeek11205_1-1621096379403.png" alt="Computergeek11205_1-1621096379403.png" /></span></P><P>Thanks.</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Sat, 15 May 2021 16:33:15 GMT Computergeek11205 2021-05-15T16:33:15Z OOBE keyboard layout not set <P>The keyboardlayout that is configured in our deploymentprofile is not set correctly. Here is a screenshot of the Settings:</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Educator2019_0-1618385533947.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Educator2019_0-1618385533947.png" alt="Educator2019_0-1618385533947.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>After Installation (over a LAN connection) I end up with either German (not German - Switzerland) or both English and German (and switchable via Shift + Alt).</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>It happens on all our Devices.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>The Language and Region are set correctly and if I go to install a keyboard layout it looks like none is installed.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Here is what it looks like on the OS (sorry it's in German):</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Sprachen Problem.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="Sprachen Problem.png" alt="Sprachen Problem.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>The Steps I have to take to fix this on a device are the following:</P><OL><LI>Go to the "Language" menu and klick on change for "German (Switzerland)", scroll all the way down and add the Keyboard layout (left side of screenshot)</LI><LI>Go to Advanced Keyboardsettings and change the Dropdown&nbsp; from "language list" to "German (Switzerland)"</LI><LI>Adopt the Changes for all other users and the welcome page (right side of screenshot).</LI></OL><P>&nbsp;</P><P>This is not a singular incident it happens on all our devices and is 100% reproducible. What is happening here?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanks in advance.<BR /><BR /><BR />EDIT: If I disable the option to automatically configure the keyboard it will do just that and German (Switzerland) is an option. So for the time being we're using this as a workaround. Not a very nice solution though.</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Wed, 14 Apr 2021 14:21:26 GMT Educator2019 2021-04-14T14:21:26Z RemoteApp Programs suddenly removed on RDS <P>Hi Everyone,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I used RDS as a terminal server for our solution BeyondTrust PAM for automated application access. I've encountered an issue where the RemoteApp Programs which I've added on the RDS suddenly been removed. This RemoteApp Programs are selenium automation converted to executable file. There are no other users that can access the RDS role except the Domain Admin I used in publishing the RemoteApp Programs.&nbsp;The application access on BeyondTrust PAM side works even though the script was removed from RemoteApp Programs, it is still working and was able to open the web application. Is there anything that can be checked on the logs if there is someone removed the automation script on my RemoteApp Programs? Thanks.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Regards,</P><P>Michael</P> Mon, 29 Mar 2021 07:13:01 GMT BT_Mackey 2021-03-29T07:13:01Z HELP: Windows Autopilot Hybrid Join take to much time <P>Hello people,<BR />currently I have the problem that during the Windows Autopilot installation process the device takes too long in the ESP window during Account Setup.</P><P><BR /><STRONG>We are using the following setup:</STRONG><BR />- Hybrid AD Join<BR />- Windows Autopilot<BR />- Deployment duration (+2h)</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>For a pure Windows Autopilot deployment via Azure AD, it only takes me 8 minutes.</P><P>The following things I have checked or working:<BR />- Firewall rule, 443, 80 is allowed.<BR />- Intune AD Connector has been configured and is active (forest, sync, etc.)<BR />- Computer objects are created in the correct OU on the local AD</P><P><BR /><STRONG>Now here comes my questions:</STRONG></P><P>Do any Group Policy prohibit the ESP process from not completing?<BR />Visually, the Hybrid AD Join works and the device is in the domain after the two hours. But what bothers me is that the configuration profile for the AD Join in Endpoint Manager does not switch to Applicable.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>- I have authorized the Intune Connector on my autopilot join organization unit in AD.<BR />- I have enabled synchronization of the Autopilot OU on the connector ("customize synchronization options" and so on).<BR />- I created the forest ("configure device option" and so on).<BR />- The Intune Connector in the Endpoint Manager has the green status Active.</P><P><BR /><STRONG>I have not done the following things:</STRONG><BR />- I have not enabled/created any special Group Policies.<BR />- I have not enabled "Configure Device Writeback" under "Configure Device Option".</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Do any of you know what the problem could be? It comes on the firewalls to packet time out from the client and I see that on the Account Setup item on the ESP page "Joining your organization Network" is set to "<STRONG>in progress</STRONG>" for <STRONG>two hours</STRONG>. It seems that some communication between on premise AD and Azure AD is not working 100% and it is getting a TimeOut. The Endpoint Manger also does not get a status that the device has joined the local domain although the computer object has already been created and the device has landed in the domain.</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Thu, 18 Mar 2021 17:23:47 GMT daveshuter 2021-03-18T17:23:47Z How can I get GPU memory usage and GPU usage from Powershell <P><A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener">how-to-get-gpu-usage-and-gpu-memory-info-of-a-process-by-powershell</A>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Mon, 15 Mar 2021 02:28:16 GMT bin381 2021-03-15T02:28:16Z AutoPilot Hybrid Join with White Glove - Issue at first login (MFA we think) <P>Hello,&nbsp;</P><P><BR /><STRONG>Project</STRONG>:&nbsp;Configure Auto-Pilot Hybrid Join for new users and laptops (with White Glove from Dell)<BR /><BR /></P><P>Process works and pre-provisioning is successful, a VPN (Cisco AnyConnect) that auto-starts at the login screen via a certificate.</P><P><BR />At this stage the user is being targeted with <STRONG>Azure MFA via Conditional Access&nbsp;&nbsp;</STRONG><BR /><BR />Once the user logs in, non of the Microsoft Endpoint Manager policies get picked up, Teams does not Automatically sign in (But prompts the user to sign in)&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>If we leave it 30 mins (Waiting for Azure AD Connect to Sync the device. We reboot and we get the same, none of the policies get picked up, bit locker does not encrypt, teams doesn't auto sign in etc.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>If we do a&nbsp;<STRONG>dsregcmd /status&nbsp;</STRONG>on a CMD window, it shows as Domain Joined but not Azure AD joined.&nbsp;</P><DIV class="mceNonEditable lia-copypaste-placeholder">&nbsp;</DIV><DIV class="mceNonEditable lia-copypaste-placeholder">&nbsp;</DIV><P>Then we look inside of "<STRONG>Work and School Account</STRONG>" we see the info button, we click this, and under "Sync" button has an error, with something on the lines of "Cannot authenticate your credentials" etc etc.&nbsp; - I then click sync and it pops up with the Microsoft Loin Box, I select my account (connected to windows) and sign in - it then throws an MFA prompt to MS Authenticator.&nbsp; If I approve, it syncs and the device starts to get all the policies it requires.&nbsp;&nbsp;<BR /><BR />=============</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>So, I decided to do another test, this time excluding the user from Azure MFA (CA Policy) and ran a new deployment.&nbsp;&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>- Pre-provisions OK&nbsp;</P><P>- Can login with AD credentials at login&nbsp;</P><P>- Teams automatically signs in&nbsp;</P><P>- <STRONG>dsregcmd /status&nbsp;</STRONG>shows everything is correct, it is Azure AD Joined and Local AD Joined</P><P>- wait 30 min for Hybrid AD Join to happen from the DC through AD Connect sync</P><P>- Reboot the machine, at next login, everything works, bit locker encrypts, oneDrive auto-signs in.&nbsp;</P><P>- The world is a good place.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>It would therefore lead me to believe that with MFA enabled on the user that is signing into the machine, it blocks the initial Azure AD join process tied to that user and stops policies from pulling down to the machine.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>However, I cannot find any reference material surrounding MFA being the catalyst as to why the Hybrid Azure AD Join over VPN just does not work properly. Or how we can bypass it on AutoPilot deployments 'Hybrid' deployments.&nbsp;<BR /><BR /><U>Note</U>: In Azure AD &gt; Devices &gt; Device Settings - the option for "<SPAN><STRONG>Devices to be Azure AD joined or Azure AD registered require Multi-Factor Authentication</STRONG>"&nbsp;is set to <STRONG>NO&nbsp;</STRONG>(Thought&nbsp;worth a mention, even though I think it does not apply to Hybrid AD join devices)</SPAN></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><U>Another note</U>, is if the user is enabled for MFA and we then deploy inside the corp network (which is bypassing/excluded from MFA) then this works without a problem too.&nbsp; &nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>The CA Policy for MFA targets All Cloud Apps.&nbsp; We even tried to exclude "Intune Enrollment / Intune / Azure Management" - without success.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>So we're super stumped as what to do - Does anyone have any info on MFA being a problem with AutoPilot Hybrid Join <STRONG>over VPN</STRONG>?</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Mon, 01 Mar 2021 12:48:41 GMT Adam Weldon-Ming 2021-03-01T12:48:41Z UWP C# Task failed to enable HighVersionLie. <P>What exactly the "HighVersionLie" test does?&nbsp;</P><P>The "Windows App Certification Kit" keep failing it even on Blank projects.&nbsp;<BR />The actual Store Certification doesn't seem to care and they publish the project anyway.</P><P>Why waste developers time like this?<BR />Why not just remove the test from the WACK?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>The impression is that nobody at Microsoft even bother to test the tools that developers&nbsp; are suppose to&nbsp; use to publish on the Store.</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Sat, 27 Feb 2021 20:45:06 GMT Cibavision 2021-02-27T20:45:06Z Worried about App Compat issues blocking Windows 10 deployments? App Assure is here to help. <P>Are you (or someone you know) heading into Windows 7 Year 2 extended security updates (ESU)? Have concerns over application compatibility that has slowed or stalled your Windows 10 deployment? If yes, reach out to&nbsp;<U><A href="#" target="_blank">App Assure</A></U>! We provide remote assistance to help customers by identifying the root cause and remediating application compatibility issues&nbsp;<STRONG>at no additional cost&nbsp;</STRONG>with&nbsp;<U><A href="#" target="_blank">eligible</A></U>&nbsp;Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 subscriptions of 150+ licenses. Our scope also covers app compat for<STRONG>&nbsp;Microsoft Edge, Windows Virtual Desktop</STRONG>, and&nbsp;<STRONG>Windows 10 on ARM64 devices</STRONG>.</P> <P><STRONG>&nbsp;</STRONG></P> <P><STRONG>Call to Action:</STRONG></P> <UL> <LI>Learn more at&nbsp;<U><A href="#" target="_blank"></A></U></LI> <LI>Submit a request for assistance at&nbsp;<U><A href="#" target="_blank"></A></U></LI> </UL> <P>Also, check out our new App Assure Tech Community <A href="#" target="_blank">blog</A> and <A href="#" target="_blank">discussion board</A> under the FastTrack Tech Community.</P> Wed, 17 Feb 2021 19:43:50 GMT Phani Krishna Maringanti 2021-02-17T19:43:50Z stopping a Pin signin loop, How to get a user login? <P>Hi, I shutoff all Services on my win 10 pro laptop to debug something. &nbsp; Now the machine is in a Pin signin loop. &nbsp;I assume the Pin auth process was a service and now it's not running. &nbsp;I can signon to Command Prompt, I can run notepad, taskmgr, and regedit but not msconfig or settings. &nbsp; Can anyone think of a way I could force a Windows User signon the next login with mostly just command line tools?</P> Thu, 11 Feb 2021 00:29:15 GMT FlashGordon7 2021-02-11T00:29:15Z Release of the Remote Exam Proctoring Edge Extension with Proctorio for Windows 10 + IT Admin Guide <P><SPAN>Hello Education IT admins!&nbsp; Today, we are pleased to announce the general availability release of the&nbsp;</SPAN><FONT color="#3366FF"><A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Proctorio browser extension for Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 PCs</A></FONT><SPAN>.&nbsp; Powered by Microsoft Edge, Windows 10 and Microsoft Azure, Proctorio offers a scalable, online proctoring solution for exam administrators and instructors while keeping the privacy of the test takers (i.e. students) in mind.&nbsp; Trusted by millions of test takers globally each month, the Proctorio Learning Integrity Platform includes ID verification, browser lock-down, automated proctoring, recording and verification settings, faculty controls, and more.</SPAN></P> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P><SPAN>We have also prepared the <A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener">IT Admin Guide for Proctorio and Microsoft Edge</A> to help you get started with deployment of this Proctorio Edge Extension for Windows 10 PCs using Microsoft Endpoint Protection.</SPAN></P> Wed, 27 Jan 2021 18:16:36 GMT baldwin_ng 2021-01-27T18:16:36Z Windows 10 Multi-Session <P>Hi all,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I have recently inherited a project where we are trying to create a single base Windows 10 VM (hosted on a server running Windows Server 2019). The VM is to be built in Hyper-V and accessed by up to 5 thin clients. In order to access the Windows 10 image we have been supplied Microsoft VDA E3 licensing.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>My question is this, can we have a single on-premises Windows 10 image hosted in this fashion accessible by the thin clients?</P> Wed, 27 Jan 2021 03:10:41 GMT Justin_Jones 2021-01-27T03:10:41Z Updating 1809 to 1909 results in 1903 being installed <P>Have noticed odd behavior updating our base images used for VMware Horizon. Updating from 1809 to 1909 using Windows Update (no WSUS, directly to WU). It shows 1909 as available. I press Download and install. It shows that 1909 is being installed. But in the end it is 1903 after the update and i have to go through update again to actually update it to 1909. And even if it is 1903 it is not providing Enablement package update and installs full update instead. Not sure if this is because of something on our images or what.</P> Wed, 20 Jan 2021 22:26:59 GMT Oleg K 2021-01-20T22:26:59Z Windows 10 LTSB <P>what is the difference and advantage of win10 LTSB/LTSC compaired to windows 10 professional&nbsp;</P> Mon, 18 Jan 2021 09:42:35 GMT NIJI_POS 2021-01-18T09:42:35Z Info on the Language Packs and the Local eXperience Packs <P>Hi</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>What is the difference between the iso files that contain the Language Packs and the Local eXperience Packs?</P><P>Could you please tell me the names of these iso files for Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC 2019 32 bit and 64 bit?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanks</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Bye</P> Wed, 13 Jan 2021 11:28:59 GMT balubeto 2021-01-13T11:28:59Z Where is the log of hololens running the application? <P><SPAN>Where is the log of hololens running the application?</SPAN></P> Tue, 05 Jan 2021 02:53:27 GMT ling 2021-01-05T02:53:27Z My games are always flagged by Windows Defender <P>Hello, I own the indie game studio <A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener">X1 Games</A>. However, all of my current titles are being flagged by windows defender, because of an unknown publisher, and for other unknown reasons. How do I get Windows Defender to stop panicking about myself- do I need to become a "publisher", and if so, how?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanks in advance!</P> Mon, 04 Jan 2021 18:42:33 GMT lewisjet 2021-01-04T18:42:33Z Microsoft, please, develop a tool to reinstall the Microsoft Store and Start Menu. <P>I think that Microsoft should develop a tool to RECREATE the Microsoft Store. Not just a troubleshooter or a tool to reinstall packages, but something that does what Windows 10 Installation does.&nbsp; Why? Let me tell you my story...<BR /><BR /></P><P>I just bought a Dell G5 with Windows 10 to replace my old Lenovo because the operating system had become too unstable. I installed Office, Adobe Creative Cloud and Norton Antivirus and everything worked fine for a while. At one point Windows Update told me there were updates to install. I did, I rebooted the system and the ordeal began.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>The problem is <STRONG>well known</STRONG>, judging by how many people on the net claim to have it: the culprit is the Microsoft Store. There are three symptoms:</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>1. If I click on Microsoft Store the window opens for a second and then disappears<BR />2. if I click with the RMB on Explorer on the taskbar, taskbar’s jump list does not appear<BR />3. if I click on Start, nothing happens</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Especially points 2. and 3. are a problem. So I began to study all the various solutions, but none of them worked.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>a. I launched "sfc /scannow": it worked, there are no errors, but it <STRONG>did not</STRONG> fix the problem<BR />b. I launched "dism.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /RestoreHealth": it worked, but it <STRONG>did not</STRONG> fix the problem<BR />c. I created another user: the problem occurred <STRONG>also&nbsp;</STRONG>for the newly created user<BR />d. I used PowerShell to recreate the APPs. I used</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><LI-CODE lang="applescript">Get-AppXPackage-AllUsers|Foreach{Add-AppxPackage-DisableDevelopmentMode-register"$($_InstallLocation.)\AppXManifest.xml"}</LI-CODE><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>That command reinstalled most apps, with few errors for few apps because the existing app had higher version or was in use:&nbsp;it <STRONG>did not</STRONG> fix the problem<BR />e. I launched "wsreset.exe": I got error <FONT color="#FF0000">ms-windows-store:PurgeCaches - app did not start</FONT></P><P>f. of course I launched the troubleshooter for Microsoft Store, but it simply told me that it could not fix the problem</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I also tried <STRONG>several other strategies</STRONG> I found on Microsoft sites and forums. I tried really everything. No result.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>So I used the Media Creation Tool to get the latest version of Windows <STRONG>reinstalled from scratch</STRONG>. It was a mess because it gave me <STRONG>only</STRONG> the option to loose all apps and files — I do not know why —&nbsp; but I did it.&nbsp;From a newly installed Windows 10, I started the whole process again. Now the Microsoft Store was ok, as well as Start and the taskbar’s jump list. The problem seemed to be solved, but of course I had just an empty operating system, no applications.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>So I reinstalled the same applications than before, very standard, common and famous applications, like Photoshop and Office, that is, the same I had on my old PC, but again, after a couple of restarts, I got <STRONG>the same problem</STRONG>. The Start menu does not work at all, so the Microsoft Store.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Now I use the Open-Shell menu to use the Start button. It is a good workaround <STRONG>but</STRONG> the Store and all the store app cannot be used. For example, the Feedback Hub does not work. Not the notification sidebar on right side of screen.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I suspect that the problem might be related to some dependency, for example some <SPAN>Visual C++&nbsp;</SPAN><EM>Redistributable</EM><SPAN>&nbsp;Packages that may create a conflict, but I have no idea how to troubleshoot my system. Probably snooping inside the Event Viewer, but I have no idea what to look for.</SPAN></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><SPAN>That is why I think that a tool that reinstall ONLY the Microsoft and Start Menu would be necessary.</SPAN></P> Fri, 25 Dec 2020 23:13:16 GMT dejudicibus 2020-12-25T23:13:16Z Math <P>Hi</P> Thu, 17 Dec 2020 21:44:16 GMT Michael1070 2020-12-17T21:44:16Z Best way to upgrade windows version <P>Hi all - we have thousands of systems which is in the process of upgrade and our SCCM Admins are using software center to push these updates. SCCM DP is hosted on corporate network but since users are working from home the updates are going via WAN and failing apart and update process is not successful.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>If there is any more easier way to update windows from 1809 to 1909 like usb, iso, copy the task sequence file etc ? any sort of easier way to upgrade these machines for remote users.</P> Mon, 07 Dec 2020 12:45:22 GMT alitaqvi 2020-12-07T12:45:22Z Change default display arrangement from side by side to e.g. stacked <P><FONT size="5">Problem:</FONT></P><P>By default Windows display settings suggest multiple monitors are placed side by side. When the setup is different, you have to open <STRONG>Settings</STRONG>&nbsp; &gt; <STRONG>System </STRONG>&gt; <STRONG>Display </STRONG>&gt; <STRONG>Rearrange your displays</STRONG> and adapt to your needs.</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="Windows-Bildschirme-neu-anordnen.png" style="width: 971px;"><img src=";px=999" role="button" title="Windows-Bildschirme-neu-anordnen.png" alt="Windows-Bildschirme-neu-anordnen.png" /></span></P><P><FONT size="5">Question:</FONT></P><P>Is it possible to <STRONG>change this side by side preset somehow in advance, e.g. via registry / GPO?</STRONG></P><P><FONT size="5">Context:</FONT></P><P>At our office we now have docking stations at every desk and we are encourged to do desk sharing.</P><P>The desks have the same setup: the large external monitor is wall mounted and your laptop is placed on the desk itself.</P><P>This means every time you sit at a different desk you always either <EM>have to live with moving your cursor to the right in order to see it on the monitor above</EM> or you <EM>rearrange your displays in windows settings <U>for every single desk</U></EM>.</P><P>This is not practical in an office environment, where all desks have a stacked monitor setup. I appreciate it's rather easy to fix the arrangement but</P><OL><LI>in reality a lot of employees are not aware of this feature</LI><LI>it's still unnecessary clicking and especially problematic, when you're under stress</LI></OL> Mon, 30 Nov 2020 12:54:22 GMT bunchofsage 2020-11-30T12:54:22Z Set Up School PCs Package Stuck At 47% For More Than 12 Hours <P>Hi</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I've created a PPKG with the Set Up School PCs app from the Microsoft Store.</P><P>We have brand new Lenovo L390 laptops with the OOBE at startup.</P><P>When I plug in my USB with the PPKG on it, it says it will install the package.</P><P>The package resets Windows and when Windows is installing it always get stuck at 47%, see attachment.</P><P>The screen language is in Dutch.</P><P>I've attached a screenshot of my Package settings.</P><P>Does anyone know why this is happening and how do I fix it please?</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Sat, 21 Nov 2020 10:28:46 GMT JonasKeppens 2020-11-21T10:28:46Z Sysprep generalize in 20H2 doesn't remove network adapter <P>When doing sysprep generalize with Windows 10 20H2 Build 10.0.19042.572 the network adapter will not be removed from the device manager (as it is done in previous versions). So if this image is deployed to a new pc, the "Ethernet" name will be assigned to that old (not visible) network adapter. All scripts according to that name will fail. You can show the adapter in device manager by enabling "showing hidden devices". I think this is a bug in this sysprep version.</P> Mon, 02 Nov 2020 12:05:23 GMT Klaus_Guth 2020-11-02T12:05:23Z Troubleshooting Autopilot enrollment Errors <P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">Hello folks</P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">I have created a new blog post about<SPAN>&nbsp;</SPAN><STRONG>troubleshooting Autopilot Intune errors!</STRONG><SPAN>&nbsp;</SPAN>I am sure I can help some people out there with this ;)</img> I have also created a<SPAN>&nbsp;</SPAN><STRONG>flowchart troubleshooting overview</STRONG>, what to check when receiving an error.</P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM"><A href="#" target="_blank">Autopilot Troubleshooting (</A></P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM"><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="troubleshootingpart2.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="troubleshootingpart2.png" alt="troubleshootingpart2.png" /></span></P><P class="_1qeIAgB0cPwnLhDF9XSiJM">Thanks for every share!</P> Mon, 22 Mar 2021 15:25:40 GMT thenikk 2021-03-22T15:25:40Z Windows 1803 to 1903 with Autopilot <P>We are planning to upgrade our laptops from 1803 to 1903. however, during the pandemic and working from the home policy; we do not have access to the laptops. We could use SCCM, but that requires users to login with a VPN which most of our users do not have! We aim to minimise the end-user involvement and make the change seamless. We do have Intune installed (Not Configured)</P><P>Can we use Autopilot to upgrade to 1903? Are there any issues with Windows 1803 and Autopilot?&nbsp;</P> Fri, 02 Oct 2020 08:07:19 GMT aastarkimalamir 2020-10-02T08:07:19Z Windows 10 version 1903 intentionally stopped my Sound Blaster Audigy FX sound card from functioning <P>Hello thanks for taking time out to review my inquiry with regards to my concern with Windows 10 ver 1903 deployment. My sound blaster Audigy FX sound card worked excellent up until your deployment of Windows 10 version 1903. The prior Windows 10 version 1809 my sound card had absolutely no issues what so ever. Now I did my due diligence and began to update my sound cards drivers, uninstall the the sound card, uninstall the drivers, perform a thorough clean sweep of any left over driver files in safe mode, reinstall the sound card, re-install the drivers, update to the latest Creative drivers but to no avail. My sound blaster Audigy FX is not broken because it is showing in my pc's device manager clearly plus it shows the sound control panel my sound card shows as disabled in all the audio connection. Please FIX this issue you break you repair it Thank You&nbsp;&nbsp;</P> Mon, 31 Aug 2020 01:55:41 GMT pArthiva 2020-08-31T01:55:41Z Fix for RT9450 Keyboard mouse scroll wheel <P>msokwheel.exe file to add in startup for automatic load.</P><P>Source used AHKHID script + keywheel.ahk + exe build.<BR />(all clean tested no problem)<BR /><A title="Little Startup file for working scroll function RT9450 (and maybe all others keyboards not supported in windows 7,Vista,8,10)" href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Link download FIX for RT9450</A>&nbsp;</P> Sun, 23 Aug 2020 07:04:47 GMT Budlol 2020-08-23T07:04:47Z Is MAP Toolkit still being developed? <P>In this thread from Technet&nbsp;<A href="#" target="_blank"></A>&nbsp;it first states that MAP toolkit is not having future releases, then further down it states that it does have future releases. The latest version is from May 2020&nbsp;<A href="#" target="_blank">;id=7826</A>&nbsp;but I can't find any official documentation that states if or when the development of the tool is stopped</P> Mon, 27 Jul 2020 07:48:05 GMT Tommy Kobberoe 2020-07-27T07:48:05Z Autopilot White Glove Error 0x80070002 <P>Hi<BR />I need assistance to troubleshoot Autopilot White Glove Error 0x80070002 on Win10 2004. I have been searching the internet for this problem but haven't got any helpful information. Please take a look to my screenshot where I have run Michael Niehaus Script to diagnose Autopilot - point of failure is "Could not establish connectivity" and ODJ error. I have set up the Intune connector and a Domain Join Profile to all devices. Subsequently I also tried to skip AD connectivity but this is not resolving the problem.</P><UL><LI>On my Intune Connector I found following error in event viewer: (this is repeating multiple times during enrollment)<BR />{"Metric":{<BR />"Dimensions":{<BR />"InstanceId":"A24408CD-28C0-4B29-B29B-0D529DBFD632",<BR />"DiagnosticCode":"0x00000000",<BR />"DiagnosticText":"Successful"<BR />},<BR />"Name":"<STRONG>RequestHandlingPipeline_Download_NoWork</STRONG>",<BR />"Value":0<BR />}<BR />}</LI></UL><P>What can I check?</P><P>Thank you!</P> Tue, 21 Jul 2020 08:05:04 GMT thenikk 2020-07-21T08:05:04Z /postoobe not working on setup.exe <P>Hi,</P><P>i am trying to start a Windows Setup with a /postoobe x:\script.bat as parameter.<BR />For example:<BR />works:<BR />Z:\setup.exe /AddBootMgrLast /noreboot /unattend:X:\autounattend.xml</P><P>works not:<BR />Z:\setup.exe /AddBootMgrLast /noreboot /postoobe "x:\finish.bat" /unattend:X:\autounattend.xml</P><P>It does not work and says /postoobe is not allowed.<BR />If i do "setup.exe /?" i see /postoobe among the variables it supports.<BR /><BR />Was here something changed in the last years?<BR /><BR />Thanks.<BR />Thomas</P> Fri, 03 Jul 2020 17:18:20 GMT Thomas_Toka 2020-07-03T17:18:20Z Enable Windows 10 Enterprise for M365 <P>Hi Team. I have two scenarios:</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>1. Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Ent of Volume Licensing.</P><P>2. Windows 10 Ent Trial.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>What is the procedure to change licensing to Windows 10 Enterprise of M365 E3?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Regards,</P> Sun, 28 Jun 2020 12:41:22 GMT CarlosMoralesMX 2020-06-28T12:41:22Z Whiteboard App silent install <P>Hello</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>is there a way to install MS Whiteboard App in silent mode. I want to roll out this app for all users.</P><P>thanks for your help!!</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Mon, 22 Jun 2020 12:31:19 GMT taichroth_84 2020-06-22T12:31:19Z Autopilot Hybrid Join <P><SPAN>Hello,</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>I am exposed to a problem during the phase of joining to the active directory domain with Autopilot.</SPAN></P><P>The domain connection profile is configured in intune, the device is correctly assigned to the Autopilot profile.</P><P>The client retrieves the network configuration in DHCP, I have two DNS, when I turn off the primary DNS the domain join fails even if the secondary DNS is turned on which is also a domain controller. When I turn on the primary and I turn off the secondary the join works.</P><P>Do you have any idea where the problem might be coming from?</P><P>There is no antivirus, no firewall.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Best Regards,</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Mon, 15 Jun 2020 21:32:38 GMT awaaziz 2020-06-15T21:32:38Z Windows 10 - Deployment/Setup Screens <P>Hi</P><P>We are just about to move over to using Auto/Pilot and Intune for our Windows 10 environment.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>We are looking for assets like the setup screens for Windows 10 (in different languages).</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Does anyone know if Microsoft have a repository of images that can be used for creating documentation ?</P> Wed, 10 Jun 2020 14:11:28 GMT AndyB-CAI 2020-06-10T14:11:28Z Dual Boot <P>Hello, I have used a dual boot system for years, currently both Windows 10.&nbsp; One system&nbsp; got infected with a virus I can't remove.&nbsp; In the old days, I would install the second operating system from within the first operating system. I have extracted the installer and have it on the desktop. Can I run it to do a clean ("custom") install to the second hard drive, overwriting the system with a virus, and keeping my dual boot system intact?</P> Sun, 07 Jun 2020 13:59:14 GMT gordoncanada 2020-06-07T13:59:14Z Windows 10 2004 Update and Setup School PC Provisioning Package Fails <P>We have been using a bootable USB stick with Windows 10 1909 (Media Creation Tool) and provisioning packages created with the Setup School PC app to join several hundred devices to our Azure AD and Intune.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I downloaded and ran the Media Creation Tool to create a Windows 10 2004 bootable USB stick. I also created a new provisioning package in Setup School PC as well as used existing known good provisioning packages.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I boot the device with the 2004 USB stick and install a clean install of Windows 10. After the device reboots, I get prompted to select the provisioning package the Windows setup detects on the USB drive. After a few seconds, it says "Setup completed with errors" with 'Apply policies' highlighted in yellow text. The only options are Reset PC or Try Again.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>This same device does work using a Windows 10 1909 bootable USB stick.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Is this a bug or where can I go to troubleshoot this? Fortunately we kept our 1909 bootable USB sticks so we can still setup devices. I've attached a screenshot of the error.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Wed, 03 Jun 2020 17:34:17 GMT MDSD421 2020-06-03T17:34:17Z Fixing Incorrect monitor resolutions after update to Windows 10 ver 2004 <P>The Win10 update to ver. 2004 (May Update) sometimes deletes AMD Catalyst files as not compatible. The symptom to the user will be a wrong monitor resolution and a distorted screen. The simple fix is to reload the AMD Catalyst package for the AMD/ATI video card installed in the PC.</P> Sat, 30 May 2020 20:26:04 GMT chfosmith 2020-05-30T20:26:04Z Does taskbar layout XML support Desktop Application ID? <P data-unlink="true">The Docs article, <A href="#" target="_blank">,</A> indicates "you specify apps using the <STRONG>Application User Model ID (AUMID)</STRONG> or <STRONG>Desktop Application Link Path</STRONG> (the local path to the application)." No mention of <STRONG>Desktop Application ID</STRONG>.</P><P data-unlink="true">&nbsp;</P><P data-unlink="true">But, in Windows 10, versions 1903 and 1909, using Desktop Application ID to pin to taskbar does appear to work.</P> Wed, 27 May 2020 14:49:36 GMT chrisosd2280 2020-05-27T14:49:36Z Roaming Profile problem with NTUSER.DAT synchronization timestamp <P>Hello,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>we are using roaming profiles in our company and since we rolled out Windows 10, we got the problem that the file NTUSER.DAT won't be synchronized because of a "wrong" timestamp. The logon to the system takes very long because of this error and the system gets unstable. There was a thread&nbsp;<LI-USER uid="37483"></LI-USER>&nbsp; some years ago which described the error in the same way: <A href="" target="_blank"></A></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>There was a powershell script posted at this thread which should solve the problem, but it doesn't for us. It seems like simply trying to set the modified date on the file doesn't work. In the event logs (eventid 69 / source user profile general) the timestamp is completely different from the modified date. I don't know where this timestamp is gotten from, also in the log the timestamp of the two files is the same, but it doesn't show seconds just minutes. Since a few days there is another symptomatic, as the modified date seems to be set to 01.01.1980 01:00 AM on synchronization automatically.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>We also tried to setup a new windows 10 machine without any software installed and logged on an empty, new created user. On the second login the problem already exists.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>For any help i would be very grateful!</P> Fri, 22 May 2020 05:59:54 GMT edvrhauderfehn 2020-05-22T05:59:54Z WinPE 19041 HTA problems <P>Hi :)</img></P><P>I'm banging my head against the wall here, hope someone can help.</P><P>I'm not sure where else to ask.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>ADK 2004 installed with PE add-on. A simple iso with a VERY basic HTA in IE9 mode (IE10 and 11 is the same). The HTA displays, but the text input field is not editable. Going back to IE8 mode (or below) works, but is very limited in other aspects.</P><P>Here are the steps used to re-create the problem, I boot a VM with the iso to test&nbsp;&nbsp;</P><LI-CODE lang="powershell">copype amd64 C:\WinPE_x64 dism.exe /mount-wim /wimfile:"c:\winpe_x64\media\sources\boot.wim" /index:1 /mountdir:"c:\winpe_x64\mount" dism.exe /image:"C:\WinPE_x64\mount" /add-package /packagepath:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\amd64\WinPE_OCs\" dism.exe /image:"C:\WinPE_x64\mount" /add-package /packagepath:"C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\Assessment and Deployment Kit\Windows Preinstallation Environment\amd64\WinPE_OCs\" (echo ^&lt;head^&gt; echo ^&lt;HTA:APPLICATION ^/^&gt; echo ^&lt;meta http-equiv=^"x-ua-compatible^" content=^"ie=9^" ^/^&gt; echo ^&lt;/head^&gt; echo ^&lt;body^&gt; echo ^&lt;input type=^"text^"^&gt; echo ^&lt;/body^&gt; echo ^&lt;/html^&gt;) &gt; "C:\WinPE_x64\mount\SampleHTA.hta" echo X:\SampleHTA.hta &gt;&gt; "C:\WinPE_x64\mount\Windows\System32\Startnet.cmd" dism.exe /unmount-wim /mountdir:"C:\WinPE_x64\mount" /commit MakeWinPEMedia /ISO C:\WinPE_x64 C:\Temp\WinPE.iso</LI-CODE><P>&nbsp;</P> Wed, 20 May 2020 12:55:38 GMT DennisThelin 2020-05-20T12:55:38Z Drive letters change after sysprepping Windows 10 <P>When trying to capture a sysprepped Windows 10 image I noticed that the drive letters have changed.&nbsp; I went into the registry and exported&nbsp;<SPAN>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\MountedDrives, sysprepped the VM and then imported the file back but that did not make any difference.</SPAN></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><SPAN>I am using VmWare Workstation and a VM where I installed a fresh copy of Windows 10 PRO vs 1909.</SPAN></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><SPAN>Any ideas?</SPAN></P> Thu, 14 May 2020 19:30:45 GMT Kennedyro1965 2020-05-14T19:30:45Z File associations XML file applies - but still get error messages at first log on <P>This is one that's really driving me bananas.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>When we first started testing 10 I noticed that the first logon for any user produced a slew of notifications from Windows that 'an app has caused a problem with the default app setting for (xxx), it has been reset to Edge'. A few weeks back I looked into it properly and implemented a file associations XML to be applied to the machine by Group Policy. This seemed at the time to resolve the issue, no notifications were appearing and files were associated with their correct application (there's only .pdf that I actually changed - all the other entries for Edge, etc were there to 'affirm' the default).</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>With no change to the build of the machine (barring Windows Updates, potentially) the issue started to occur again. What is really curious about this is that although I get a full set of messages saying Edge has now been set as the default, if I set this to something else (e.g. Chrome for https/.htm, etc, Acrobat Reader for .pdf) the files still open with the correct application.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I've since investigated several avenues to try and resolve this:</P><P>&nbsp;</P><UL><LI>Re-built the machine excluding the Chrome install, in case Chrome was doing something weird at first login - no change.</LI><LI>Fiddled endlessly with the associations XML in case something was wrong with it - though it seems to be applying regardless of the notifications, I don't think that's the issue.</LI><LI>Tried disallowing Edge from preloading, in case it was performing/triggering changes before the XML was applied - no change.</LI><LI>Installed Edge Chromium in case that affected anything - nope.</LI><LI>Moved the XML to a local path, in case that made it quicker/more reliable to access.</LI><LI>Upgraded the install media to 1909.4 from VLSC as the release notes for an included update supposedly resolve this or a similar issue - no change.</LI></UL><P>I've read this article (<A href="#" target="_blank"></A>) which is fairly illuminating in places but I'm still in the dark as to why these notifications occur.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>It sounds like the UserChoice/Hash value pair are either broken or non-existent at the user's first login, but the problem is these are presumably based on the default profile on the machine - this is just the default profile from the .WIM file on the official Windows media, we don't make any customisations to it at all. Looking in the default user hive there is nothing under Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell, or Software\Classes.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I did read at one point that if the user choices are simply missing, the 'default app reset' message will also be triggered by that. We have no way of pre-populating these values because they're hashed.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Has anyone managed to banish these messages?&nbsp;This is a really miserable first login experience.</P> Thu, 07 May 2020 09:20:42 GMT sheffieldc 2020-05-07T09:20:42Z Factory Reset Windows 10 without user intervention <P>I've looked for this answer online and have come across the "systemreset -factoryreset" command which works, but it comes up with the prompt asking if I want to keep my files or remove everything, I want to remove everything, but without the prompt.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>We are not doing this from any pre-exiting images, and our laptops are running the pre-loaded Windows 10 Pro install, we are just using the in-built Windows 10 "reset this PC" feature as we have no MDM configured. We just want the laptops to be totally reset so they don't contain any company information, we're not bothered about completing the OOBE once they are wiped.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>We are trying to accomplish this remotely as our users are all at home, so I need to automate it and have no user involvement in the process, I just want it to factory reset, and bring the laptop up to the off-the-shelf state configuration. We have the facility to push commands and scripts to the laptops so was hoping to do this via powershell.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Does anyone know if this is possible?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P class="">Thanks</P> Mon, 27 Apr 2020 08:30:30 GMT Claire_4 2020-04-27T08:30:30Z Upgrade win 10 entreprise evaluation copy to fully copy <P>Hello,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I've deployed many machines using the evaluation copy of Windows 10 Entreprise. After months our company activated for us a ME3 licenses could you please share with us how we proceed to activate this machines.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thank you</P> Thu, 23 Apr 2020 14:15:14 GMT NASRY 2020-04-23T14:15:14Z Assigned Access File Explorer <P>Hi Guys,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I'm have created an Assigned Access XML that allows Edge, File Explorer and MS Office Apps.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>So the issues is when I download a file in Edge like an .doc file and want to open it from either Edge or File Explorer nothing happens. Like its blocked.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>But the fun fact is that I can open .pdf files from File Explorer but only in Edge PDF viewer. If I change it to Adobe Acrobat I get the same issue were the app does not open.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Is there a magic hack somewhere in Assigned Access that breaks File Explorer?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Cheers</P> Tue, 31 Mar 2020 04:33:22 GMT Fl0wman 2020-03-31T04:33:22Z Windows 10 Enterprise E3 in CSP <P>If a customer has Windows 7 Pro currently, can it be migrated to Windows 10 Enterprise E3 directly without first upgrading to Windows 10 Pro?</P> Tue, 17 Mar 2020 06:56:05 GMT Mani000 2020-03-17T06:56:05Z MD-101 Study Group <P><SPAN><STRONG>Do you need to migrate group policy to MDM policies but don't know where to start?</STRONG> </SPAN><SPAN><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-center" image-alt="twitter.png" style="width: 999px;"><img src=";px=999" role="button" title="twitter.png" alt="twitter.png" /></span></SPAN></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><SPAN><SPAN>Join the </SPAN><A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><SPAN class="_5afx"><SPAN class="_58cl _5afz">#</SPAN><SPAN class="_58cm">WomenITPros</SPAN></SPAN></A><SPAN> study group TONIGHT as Principal Program Manager&nbsp;<LI-USER uid="68578"></LI-USER>&nbsp;</SPAN>guides us through this process and more!</SPAN><BR /><SPAN>Heidi has been on Microsoft Intune and Configuration Manager PM team in the past 12 years and worked in many feature areas such as app management, software update management, Windows 10 modern management and the latest focus has been cloud connect ConfigMgr via co-management. Sign up here ---&gt;</SPAN><A href="#" target="_blank" rel="nofollow noopener"></A><BR /><A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><SPAN class="_5afx"><SPAN class="_58cl _5afz">#</SPAN><SPAN class="_58cm">womenintech</SPAN></SPAN></A> <A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><SPAN class="_5afx"><SPAN class="_58cl _5afz">#</SPAN><SPAN class="_58cm">Microsoft</SPAN></SPAN></A> <A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><SPAN class="_5afx"><SPAN class="_58cl _5afz">#</SPAN><SPAN class="_58cm">windows10</SPAN></SPAN></A> <A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><SPAN class="_5afx"><SPAN class="_58cl _5afz">#</SPAN><SPAN class="_58cm">mvpbuzz</SPAN></SPAN></A> <A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><SPAN class="_5afx"><SPAN class="_58cl _5afz">#</SPAN><SPAN class="_58cm">Migrate</SPAN></SPAN></A> <A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><SPAN class="_5afx"><SPAN class="_58cl _5afz">#</SPAN><SPAN class="_58cm">GroupPolicy</SPAN></SPAN></A><SPAN> to </SPAN><A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><SPAN class="_5afx"><SPAN class="_58cl _5afz">#</SPAN><SPAN class="_58cm">MDM</SPAN></SPAN></A><SPAN> policies</SPAN></P> Mon, 16 Mar 2020 22:02:44 GMT Cherokee_Boose 2020-03-16T22:02:44Z MD-101 Study Group <P><STRONG>Today is the day!</STRONG></P><P>Our first #WomenITPros Study Group session begins this evening.</P><P>There is still time to register as a learner or presenter!</P><P>Get your invite here ----&gt; <A href="#" target="_blank"></A></P><P>I also wanted to share info about Session 2.</P><P>Hope to see you there!</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="adam_promo.png" style="width: 999px;"><img src=";px=999" role="button" title="adam_promo.png" alt="adam_promo.png" /></span></P> Mon, 24 Feb 2020 20:53:50 GMT Cherokee_Boose 2020-02-24T20:53:50Z #WomenITPros MD-101 Study Group <P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-center" image-alt="md-101.png" style="width: 999px;"><img src=";px=999" role="button" title="md-101.png" alt="md-101.png" /></span></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Whether your interest is teaching or learning the #WomenITPros MD-101 Study group is for you!</P><P>There is still time to sign up! This is going to be a great opportunity to engage with fellow tech enthusiasts and grow your networks. Feel free to share!</P><P>To sign-up as a presenter<SPAN>&nbsp;</SPAN>contact me here or on twitter&nbsp;<A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener"><SPAN>@CherokeeITProTV</SPAN></A></P><P>For additional learner information, contact me here or<SPAN>&nbsp;</SPAN><A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener nofollow noopener noreferrer">click here</A>&nbsp;<SPAN>to get sign-up and get updates via email.</SPAN><BR /><STRONG>Objective:</STRONG> To provide Women IT professionals* with a judgment-free platform to learn the Windows 10 Managing Modern Desktops objectives and gain the skills needed to pass the MD-101 exam.*This is a RailsBridge type of workshop. We focus on empowering women in IT, female attendees may be accompanied by members of all genders.<BR /><STRONG>Suggested prerequisites:</STRONG> CompTIA’s A+, Net+, MD-100, or equivalent proficiency.<BR />February 24th - April 17th<BR /><STRONG>Session times</STRONG>: Mondays and Wednesdays 5:00pm PST<BR /><STRONG>Office hours:</STRONG> Fridays, time TBD</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Fri, 21 Feb 2020 02:41:43 GMT Cherokee_Boose 2020-02-21T02:41:43Z Appplication seems to have less permissions when executed using startup-folder. <P>Hi,</P><P>I have a WPF-application that needs to read the contents of a folder. When the user starts the executable, the application works fine, the files in the folder are found.&nbsp;</P><P>We need to have the application start up after the user logs in, so a shortcut to the executable is set in the startup-folder. After the user logs in, the application starts (under the same user-account), the folder is read, but no contents are found.&nbsp;</P><P>On my dev-environment, which is a stand-alone Windows-environemnt, I don't have any issues.</P><P>This is within a enterprise-environment, the client-desktops are within a domain.</P><P>What could be the cause of this difference? Any policies that might imply this behaviour?</P><P>Thanks in advance.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Kind regards,</P><P>Chris</P> Tue, 14 Jan 2020 13:56:45 GMT ChrisPlenter 2020-01-14T13:56:45Z Installing 1903 ADK on Windows 10 1909 <P>Hmm It would appear I cannot install the 1903 ADK on windows 10 running 1909 without using compatibility mode. Is this a bug or a feature?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Setup runs for a few seconds displaying the splash screen and crashes without displaying any error.&nbsp; Event log shows:<BR /><BR /></P><P>Faulting application name: adksetup.exe, version: 10.1.18362.1, time stamp: 0x5aeb9383<BR />Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.18362.387, time stamp: 0xa4208572<BR />Exception code: 0xc0000374<BR />Fault offset: 0x000df94d<BR />Faulting process ID: 0x1f4c<BR />Faulting application start time: 0x01d5bbdfc85fe66c<BR />Faulting application path: C:\Users\mark\AppData\Local\Temp\{929B295A-777F-42D2-9B40-0F42B5A7D08D}\.cr\adksetup.exe<BR />Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll<BR />Report ID: dd0c87a2-4184-478b-9be4-395f5a6ab820<BR />Faulting package full name:<BR />Faulting package-relative application ID:</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Setup runs OK if I use compatibility mode and choose window 8.</P> Fri, 03 Jan 2020 20:19:36 GMT Silentmonkey 2020-01-03T20:19:36Z User Profile Migration <P>I recently upgraded a Dell machine from Windows 7 to Windows 10.&nbsp; I used the Windows Backup while in Windows 7, then restored from that backup after installing Windows 10 as a 'fresh' installation.&nbsp; I did not wipe the drive before installing Windows 10 (Home).&nbsp; After the restore it looks like all the user profiles are there, but I cannot get Windows 10 to recognize them or use their profiles.&nbsp; How can I link the restored profiles so Windows 10 will use them, show their desktop shortcuts, etc.?&nbsp; Thank you all!</P> Tue, 17 Dec 2019 14:20:13 GMT Cudaboy 2019-12-17T14:20:13Z Why the desktop needs a rebuilt after certain months? <P>Hi Team,</P><P>Probably a foolish question! I am working as an IT Support and i have to rebuilt the win10 devices after 12-18 months as the computer keeps on crashing. These computers are used only for call center needs mostly used for browsing chrome and IE. I am clearing the unwanted system files and clearing the browser history as a part of my troubleshooting. Also the devices are secured as the system scans for virus once in a week. The computer do not have any additional software except java, so i am also ruling out the corrupt files from the third party software.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I am not sure why the device needs a rebuilt even though we are constantly pushing the updated via sccm? Once the rebuilt is successful the device is working at it's best.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>My question is : What difference does reimage make to the device?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanks,</P><P>Bhavin.</P> Wed, 04 Dec 2019 14:57:16 GMT bhavinpatel 2019-12-04T14:57:16Z Windows 10 Enterprise BSOD - Inaccessible Boot Device - Across network <P>Recently as last month and this month have multiple Windows 10 system getting locked up and customer reported after rebooting system they are getting BSOD. This is a enterprise wide issue across multiple Windows 10 systems and in different geo-graphical locations. Researching several causes, but systematically everything was healthy until recently.&nbsp;</P> Tue, 03 Dec 2019 17:53:33 GMT ConcernedITCitizen2455 2019-12-03T17:53:33Z How to Apply a provisioning package to Windows 10 ISO file? <P>I have created a provisioning package using Windows Configuration Designer and now I want to apply it to my Windows 10 ISO file but I can't find out how.</P><P>there are explanations here<SPAN>&nbsp;</SPAN><A href="#" rel="nofollow noreferrer" target="_blank"></A><SPAN>&nbsp;</SPAN>that show how to apply it during Windows 10 installation or after it but I want to apply it to a lot of machines so I'm looking for a way to modify my ISO file before attempting to install Windows 10 on my machines.</P><P>previously there was an option in the Windows Configuration designer app but it appears that it's removed now. I've installed it from Windows store, Not from Windows 10 ADK.</P> Sat, 09 Nov 2019 09:21:47 GMT Mach12 2019-11-09T09:21:47Z Will there be a Windows 10 ADK for 1909? <P>Hi,</P><P>Is this definitely planned and any ideas when this will be released?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanks,</P><P>Nigel</P> Thu, 07 Nov 2019 09:21:27 GMT Nigel Archer 2019-11-07T09:21:27Z Windows 10 Enterprise E3 CSP - per user / per device <P>Hi, hoping someone here can confirm / answer a few points for me.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Currently have Windows 10 E3 per device which was on a 3 year agreement which expires soon.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Want more flexibility going forward as slowly going to move over to Microsoft 365, so this time round don't want to be locked into a 3 year or even 1 year term</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>So if we go for Windows 10 Enterprise E3 CSP what&nbsp; are the requirements, as some Microsoft sites and some sales people seem to be giving me conflicting information</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I have been told my existing computers need to already be running Windows 10 OEM to be able to go to Windows 10 Enterprise E3 CSP per user? but some site seem to state as long as devices running Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1 or Windows 10 Professional it is okay?</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Is Windows 10 Enterprise E3 CSP a month to month contract or am I tied in again for a year or more term? as I want to be able to chop and change licenses as I go, so as I move more people over to Microsoft 365 I can then reduce the number of Enterprise E3 licenses I buy</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Hope someone can help, as thought I had it in my mind, but sales people just clouding it now for me</P> Wed, 06 Nov 2019 22:25:13 GMT Darren Rose 2019-11-06T22:25:13Z Expert Q&A Hours at Deployment Central <P>Every day, all day in The Hub at Microsoft Ignite 2019, deployment and management experts are standing by to answer your questions. Look for neighborhood 29 (Windows 10 &amp; Office 365), then venture to the middle to find the Deployment Central and Management Central booths.</P> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>Each day I'll post the daily schedule - come visit us (you might even see a Ninja Cat prancing about).&nbsp;</P> <H2 style="margin-top: 36px; margin-bottom: 20px; font-family: 'Segoe UI', Segoe, Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif; font-weight: 600; font-size: 20px; color: #333333;">Thursday, November 7</H2> <TABLE width="100%"> <TBODY> <TR> <TD width="204"> <P>8:30-9:30 AM</P> </TD> <TD width="420"> <P>Lee Givens</P> <P>Windows 10 + Office 365 ProPlus App Compatibility</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204"> <P>9:30-10:30 AM</P> </TD> <TD width="420"> <P>(Still working on it!)</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204"> <P>10:30-11:30 AM</P> </TD> <TD width="420"> <P>Rama Shastri, Rahul Gupta</P> <P>Update Staging Lab</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204"> <P>11:30-12:30 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420"> <P>Peter Lurie</P> <P>Modern Microsoft 365 deployment &amp; management with Surface</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204"> <P>12:30-1:30 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420"> <P>Michael Raschko</P> <P>Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESU)</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204"> <P>1:30-2:30 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420"> <P>Kellie Eickmeyer</P> <P>Deploying specialized devices</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204"> <P>2:30-3:15 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420"> <P>Dave Backman</P> <P>Staying current with Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204"> <P>3:15-4:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420"> <P>Deepam Dubey</P> <P>Reducing your TCO with Desktop Analytics</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204"> <P>4:00-4:45 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420"> <P>Randy Cook, Stefan Georgiev</P> <P>MSIX and Windows Virtual Desktop</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204"> <P>4:45-5:15 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420"> <P>Office Rangers</P> <P>Ask Me Anything</P> </TD> </TR> </TBODY> </TABLE> <H2 style="margin-top: 36px; margin-bottom: 20px; font-family: 'Segoe UI', Segoe, Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif; font-weight: 600; font-size: 20px; color: #333333;">Wednesday, November 6</H2> <TABLE style="width: 100%;" width="100%"> <TBODY> <TR> <TD width="204" style="width: 23.3%;"> <P>8:30-9:30 AM</P> </TD> <TD width="420" style="width: 76.54%;"> <P>Ali Oberg</P> <P>Expert Q&amp;A: Accessibility features in Windows 10 &amp; Office 365</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204" style="width: 23.3%;"> <P>9:30-10:30 AM</P> </TD> <TD width="420" style="width: 76.54%;"> <P>Aarthi Thangamani; Vivek Singh Gaur</P> <P>Expert Q&amp;A: Deploying Windows 10, version 1909</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204" style="width: 23.3%;"> <P>10:30-11:30 AM</P> </TD> <TD width="420" style="width: 76.54%;"> <P>Frank Buchholz</P> <P>Modern M365 deployment &amp; management with Surface</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204" style="width: 23.3%;"> <P>11:30-1:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420" style="width: 76.54%;"> <P>Steve DiAcetis, Suma SaganeGowda</P> <P>Post-session Q&amp;A: BRK3081 Windows update management</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204" style="width: 23.3%;"> <P>1:00-2:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420" style="width: 76.54%;"> <P>Matt Call</P> <P>Expert Q&amp;A: Troubleshooting Windows 10 deployments</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204" style="width: 23.3%;"> <P>2:00-3:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420" style="width: 76.54%;"> <P>Kellie Eickmeyer</P> <P>Post-session Q&amp;A: BRK2230 Deploying Edge</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204" style="width: 23.3%;"> <P>3:00-4:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420" style="width: 76.54%;"> <P>Heena Macwan, Michael Niehaus, Carlos Brito</P> <P>Post-session Q&amp;A: THR3023 Windows Autopilot/white-glove provisioning</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204" style="width: 23.3%;"> <P>4:00-5:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420" style="width: 76.54%;"> <P>John Wilcox, Zachary Dvorak</P> <P>Post-session Q&amp;A: DEP30 Stay current w/ Windows 10 and Office ProPlus</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="204" style="width: 23.3%;"> <P>5:00-6:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="420" style="width: 76.54%;"> <P>Chasity Westwater &amp; Nick Sajka (Key Bank)</P> <P>Deploying &amp; servicing Windows 10 in the real world</P> </TD> </TR> </TBODY> </TABLE> <H2 style="margin-top: 36px; margin-bottom: 20px; font-family: 'Segoe UI', Segoe, Tahoma, Geneva, sans-serif; font-weight: 600; font-size: 20px; color: #333333;">Tuesday, November 5</H2> <TABLE> <TBODY> <TR> <TD width="210"> <P>8:30-9:00 AM</P> </TD> <TD width="414"> <P>Jon Gross</P> <P>Expert Q&amp;A: Troubleshooting Windows 10 deployments w/Configuration Manager</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="210"> <P>10:00-11:00 AM</P> </TD> <TD width="414"> <P>Steve DiAcetis</P> <P>Post-session Q&amp;A: THR3073 Windows 10 Dynamic Update</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="210"> <P>11:00-12:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="414"> <P>Jesse McGatha</P> <P>Expert Q&amp;A: Ring-based Windows 10 deployments</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="210"> <P>12:00-1:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="414"> <P>Aarthi Thangamani; Vivek Singh Gaur</P> <P>Post-session Q&amp;A: THR3117 Deploying Windows 10, version 1909</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="210"> <P>1:00-2:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="414"> <P>Heena Macwan</P> <P>Post-session Q&amp;A: BRK3077 Windows Autopilot</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="210"> <P>2:00-3:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="414"> <P>Ali Oberg</P> <P>Expert Q&amp;A: Accessibility features in Windows 10 &amp; Office 365</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="210"> <P>3:00-4:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="414"> <P>Rama Shastri, Rahul Gupta</P> <P>Post-session Q&amp;A: THR3025 Update Staging Lab</P> </TD> </TR> <TR> <TD width="210"> <P>4:00-5:00 PM</P> </TD> <TD width="414"> <P>Narkis Engler, Andy Rivas</P> <P>Post-session Q&amp;A: BRK3078 Delivery Optimization</P> </TD> </TR> </TBODY> </TABLE> Thu, 07 Nov 2019 06:16:44 GMT Heather Poulsen 2019-11-07T06:16:44Z A New Guide to Windows 10 Migration <P>The Microsoft 365 Deployment team is pleased to present a new guide to help you through the migration process from Windows 7 to Windows 10. We’ve curated a <A href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">list of resources</A> to help you along the way, from making the pitch to your organization, all the way through to helping you adopt and get the most out of Windows 10.</P> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>Inside, you'll find resources to help you with:</P> <UL> <LI>Laying out the business case for making the shift to Windows 10</LI> <LI>Making the pitch for migration and being a champion for change in your organization</LI> <LI>Working through the assessment, preparation, migration, and adoption phases of the journey</LI> </UL> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>In addition, check out these sessions dedicated to Windows and Office at Ignite 2019:</P> <UL> <LI>DEP20:&nbsp;<A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Modern Windows 10 and Office 365 deployment with Windows Autopilot, Desktop Analytics, Microsoft Intune, and Configuration Manager</A>&nbsp;</LI> <LI>DEP10:&nbsp;<A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Why Windows 10 Enterprise and Office 365 ProPlus? Security, privacy, and a great user experience</A>&nbsp;</LI> <LI>BRK2177:&nbsp;<A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Moving to Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus? FastTrack is here to help!</A>&nbsp;</LI> <LI>BRK3079:&nbsp;<A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener">How to manage Windows 7 Extended Security Updates (ESUs) for on-premises and cloud environments</A>&nbsp;</LI> <LI>THR3022:&nbsp;<A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener">What you need to know about Office end of support</A>&nbsp;</LI> </UL> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>If you have more questions, chat with an expert in the Expo at Ignite. <A href="#" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Find them here.</A></P> <P>&nbsp;</P> <P>For customers and partners who want to get in touch after Ignite 2019, reach out to your Microsoft Account Team!</P> Mon, 04 Nov 2019 14:15:27 GMT Colin Clauset 2019-11-04T14:15:27Z Windows 10 Promo Posters <P>Hi All,&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Does anybody have any Windows 10 Promotional Posters they can share with me?&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Thanks&nbsp;</P> Mon, 28 Oct 2019 09:39:00 GMT mahmud-r 2019-10-28T09:39:00Z Windows 10 Roadmap <P>Is there a Windows 10 roadmap that is available similarly like the Microsoft 365 roadmap (<A href="#" target="_blank"></A>)?</P> Wed, 16 Oct 2019 00:56:18 GMT Bergwen 2019-10-16T00:56:18Z Windows 10 1903 Autopilot Whiteglove Hybrid Join <P>Bit of a head scratcher. &nbsp;Has anyone managed to successfully get Auto Pilot White Glove working in Hybrid join with 1903? (with update&nbsp;kb4517211-x64). &nbsp;We're just seeing multiple errors and have had an open call with Unified Support for well over a week on this and getting no where. &nbsp;A google throws up multiple issues and we've been through everyone. &nbsp;Machine names, various Intune changes, dynamic goups, static groups. &nbsp;Just would love to hear someone has this working!</P> Fri, 04 Oct 2019 16:04:23 GMT Mike Rowland 2019-10-04T16:04:23Z White Glove Autopilot - screen cut off <P>Does the screen cut off for anyone else when running the White Glove process? These are Lenovo T490 laptops. It leaves the progress of things a bit of a mystery until the process finishes.<span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="2019-09-20 19_19_47-.png" style="width: 703px;"><img src=";px=999" role="button" title="2019-09-20 19_19_47-.png" alt="2019-09-20 19_19_47-.png" /></span></P> Sat, 21 Sep 2019 02:23:39 GMT Paul Youngberg 2019-09-21T02:23:39Z Windows 10 1903 Group Policy Issues after OSD <P>Hi,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>We've recently started deploying Windows 10 1903 (First Win 10 version too...) with SCCM 1902 with MDT and group policy appears to apply, according to the logs but then we find certain settings not actually applied, even though a gpresult shows them as being applied.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Checking the various reg keys etc. for our policy settings on a client, I have seen that all of our GPO settings get applied and then<SPAN>&nbsp;</SPAN><STRONG>some but not all<SPAN>&nbsp;</SPAN></STRONG>get mysteriously removed, for example the Interactive Logon message gets applied but then removed, as in the registry value is removed.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Running a gpupdate /force after this has happened, appears to fix the issue.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>However&nbsp;using the SMSTSPostAction variable to run a script or command to update Group Policy, doesn't work either, the script/command runs (As per log files) but the above does still occur until we run a gpupdate /force (A ordinary gpupdate does nothing, so most of the time reboots etc. do nothing).</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>We have no Group Policy related Group Policy settings (As in the ones that control whether CSEs process during slow links etc. and whether they process even though there are no changes) and we cannot find any other reason for this not to work correctly.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I think until we find a fix, using the RunOnce reg key/value maybe the workaround...</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Would someone at Microsoft be able to confirm whether this is a confirmed issue at Microsoft and whether there is a fix for it please? Or if there is a fix incoming as potentially some of our security related GPOs are not being correctly applied.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Many thanks,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Luke</P> Mon, 16 Sep 2019 11:49:29 GMT techyluke 2019-09-16T11:49:29Z TCP protocol bug in currently released Windows PE ADK addon <P>We were hitting intermittent issues with mapping network drives during our MDT deployment sequence with the latest MDT and ADK/PE. After capturing packets and getting reliable steps to reproduce, we now know it is a bug in the currently released Windows PE, version 10.0.18362.1 .</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>The bug is in how the PE on the client handles a response from the server when the client uses an ephemeral port that was recently used and is half-open (server-side). An MDT task sequence can contain many reboots, leading to use of many ephemeral ports and leaving connections open only on the server side, so if you enter the PE soon after a previous sequence, this is likely to happen.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>The server will respond to the client's initial SYN packet with a SYN-free ACK. The client is supposed to see this response and issue a RST. Windows 10 1803, 1903, and the associated PE environments on their install media do precisely that. But PE 10.0.18362.1 instead tries a few different ephemeral ports with increasing persistence and eventually gives up.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>This bug is easy to reproduce. Set up a share on a server, and create a PE iso and a VM that boots from it. At the VM's command prompt, run<BR /><BR />net use ***your share/credentials***<BR />wpeutil reboot<BR /><BR />Repeat this 5 times. By the 5th time, the net use will incur a noticeable delay. You can continue repeating until it fails. If you run packet capture software on the server side, you can see the client's incorrect behavior.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Is there any workaround for this? How can I make sure this bug is received by the appropriate team and addressed in a timely manner?<BR /><BR /><A href="#" target="_self">Stack overflow discussion that evolved as issue was investigated</A></P> Wed, 04 Sep 2019 21:38:57 GMT aggieNick02 2019-09-04T21:38:57Z Autopilot deployment large scale Hi, My organisation want to check if passing from deploying computer from in house to Autopilot. Has of now i didn't find any R.O.I (return of investment) and time saving analysis. I'm not looking for technical requierements has of now, we are already cloud ready, my back end is of, just need to do a deep analysis of the switch from inhouse to Autopilot. Also i read a lot about the technical part, but didn't see any e-learning, any link that i can check?. thank's for your helps Wed, 04 Sep 2019 13:37:53 GMT Eric Davignon 2019-09-04T13:37:53Z Add Languages to Win10 1903 via OSD <DIV>Anyone able to outline the process I can use for installing languages on Windows 10 1903 via OSD (or even just how it needs to occur)? A customer needs to have Australian as the main language with the option installed for users to change it Japanese. I have a script to install the FOD for all the applicable languages, but the deployment doesn't show Japanese, and the Windows display language only has English (US) as the option. Looking for information on how to do this shows that not a lot of people have been successful at this for the later versions of Windows 10.</DIV> Mon, 19 Aug 2019 05:36:03 GMT Dan Snape 2019-08-19T05:36:03Z TaskBar configuration and Microsoft Edge <P>We are currently customising the Start menu and taskbar using an xml file a GPO. We have no problems with the Start menu, but no matter where we put Microsoft Edge in the taskbar list, it ends up in a different place. According to <A href="#" target="_self">this</A> Docs page the order of apps in the XML file dictates the order of pinned apps on the taskbar from left to right. Here's what we have configured:</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="clipboard_image_0.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="clipboard_image_0.png" alt="clipboard_image_0.png" /></span></P><P>and here is the resulting taskbar setting:</P><P><span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-inline" image-alt="clipboard_image_1.png" style="width: 400px;"><img src=";px=400" role="button" title="clipboard_image_1.png" alt="clipboard_image_1.png" /></span></P><P>Any help would be greatly appreciated.</P><P>Dan</P> Fri, 16 Aug 2019 06:18:56 GMT Dan Snape 2019-08-16T06:18:56Z After Windows 10 1903 update Start menu not working <P>Started testing 1903 update (from WSUS) internally in IT and so far 4 updated PCs (from 1809) had problems after the update that Start menu is not working. We have tried various fixes and every time different things fixed that. For one PC starting Application Identity service helped, another needed to enable Computer &gt; Administrative Templates &gt; System &gt; Group Policy &gt; Continue experience on this device local policy, for some just restarting explorer.exe helped. Although Start menu has a separate process now in 1903, which should have made it more stable. But maybe that's actually causing troubles as now there is a different process. Maybe this is some incompatibility with AV (CrowdStrike), although it didn't show that before installing. Like it won't install if you have McAfee DLP 11.1 installed and only installs if DLP is 11.2.</P> Fri, 05 Jul 2019 03:56:59 GMT Oleg K 2019-07-05T03:56:59Z Vmware persona I'm working on implementing windows 10 with vmware persona mgmt. I'm having a though time with profiles and things saving correctly. Is there anyone out there who has successfully configured persona mgmt and I'm curious what persona settings you enabled and files you excluded from roaming Mon, 10 Jun 2019 23:30:07 GMT Bjizzle 2019-06-10T23:30:07Z Task Sequence fails to Prestage boot image error <P>Have seen this error a couple of times now but can’t figure out what is causing it.&nbsp;</P><P>My TS is set to reboot into WinPE, however the boot image will be downloaded and starts but then immediately bombs out with failed to prestage boot image. The big issue here is that if I now reboot the system it will fail to find an Operating System. &nbsp;Doesn’t happen every time and there’s no consistency with OS or make/model of machine.</P><P>Has anyone else seen this or have an idea what may be causing it so I can check for the issue before running a TS? Have included the SMSTS log section relevant…</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><EM>Installing boot image to hard drive&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:36:51&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>Backing up existing boot system before trying to set up new boot system&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:36:51&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>Volume '\\?\Volume{0995d4a9-0000-0000-0000-100000000000}\' not found&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:36:51&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>BootLoader::backup: Z:\, F:\_SMSTaskSequence\backup TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:36:51&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>Failed to install boot image.</EM></P><P><EM>Unknown error (Error: D0000043; Source: Unknown)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:36:52&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>Failed to install boot image CLY00004.</EM></P><P><EM>Unknown error (Error: D0000043; Source: Unknown)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:36:52&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>Failed to reboot the system. Error 0xd0000043)&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:36:52&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>Failed to initialize a system reboot.</EM></P><P><EM>Unknown error (Error: D0000043; Source: Unknown)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:36:52&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>Fatal error is returned in check for reboot request of the action (Restart Computer to Enable TPM).</EM></P><P><EM>Unknown error (Error: D0000043; Source: Unknown)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:36:52&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>An error (0xd0000043) is encountered in execution of the task sequence&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:36:52&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>Set authenticator in transport&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:36:52&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>Task Sequence Engine failed! Code: D0000043&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:45:12&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>****************************************************************************&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:45:12&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P><EM>Task sequence execution failed with error code D0000043&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; TSManager&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 25/04/2019 09:45:12&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; 10096 (0x2770)</EM></P><P>&nbsp;</P> Mon, 29 Apr 2019 13:42:23 GMT Robert Armstrong 2019-04-29T13:42:23Z Windows 10 Enterprise Quick Start Guide for Version 1803 or later I can’t seem to find any quick start guides for Windows 10. Any help will be much appreciated.<BR /><BR /> Sun, 21 Apr 2019 21:16:12 GMT Faiza Qadri 2019-04-21T21:16:12Z Switch Windows 10 LTSC > SAC in Autopilot / Intune scenario <P>Hey all,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I'm looking for a way to switch from pre-installed Windows 10 LTSC (the only option the vendor offers) to SAC in an Autopilot / Intune deployment scenario. Our test process is mature enough to have kiosk systems running in SAC with the news security features. But all documentation states 'use media to upgrade'.</P><P>Regards,</P><P>sigurd</P> Thu, 18 Apr 2019 08:57:44 GMT sigurd werner 2019-04-18T08:57:44Z Is Windows.old directory automatically removed? <P>We are preparing OS upgrade from 1709 to 1809 for &gt;5000 workstations.</P><P>After upgrade Windows.old takes between 5-10 GB of disk space.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>In the MS doc is stated you can use DISM /Set-OsUninstallWindow to defile how long user can roll back.</P><P><A href="#" target="_blank"></A></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>But after this period (default=30 days), does Windows also *automatically* clean up Windows.old?</P> Fri, 12 Apr 2019 08:31:45 GMT Johan Vanaken 2019-04-12T08:31:45Z Autopilot user-assignment <P>Hi All,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>When i try to change a pre-fill authentication user for an Autopilot device i get the error below:<span class="lia-inline-image-display-wrapper lia-image-align-left" image-alt="Capture.PNG" style="width: 200px;"><img src=";px=200" role="button" title="Capture.PNG" alt="Capture.PNG" /></span></P><P>An error occurred.<BR />An error occurred while assigning user to Autopilot device. Request ID: 52a04a2a-dc53-4204-99d9-7b7d4065e3f4</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>What could this be?</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Fri, 05 Apr 2019 07:21:53 GMT Abdelhakim_Y95 2019-04-05T07:21:53Z Windows 10 Wireless Network Not Automatically Connecting After Upgrade to Windows 10 1809 <P>Hello,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I'm working on my organization's in-place upgrade to Windows 10 1809 via task sequence.&nbsp; I've recently noticed that my machine, and others that I am testing on, seem to have problems automatically connecting to Wi-Fi networks when Ethernet is disconnected after the upgrade process is complete.&nbsp; For instance, I have a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 that was running 1709.&nbsp; After the in-place upgrade has finished successfully, if I unplug the Ethernet adapter, the machine will not connect to our WPA2 Enterprise Wi-Fi netowrk automatically, even though it is set to do so.&nbsp; We deploy wireless profiles during OSD, so we are not continuing to push them via GPO or InTune.&nbsp; I found the below article in my Google searches for this issue and while I was skeptical, I gave it a try to see what happened.&nbsp; I ran 'chkdsk /r /x' from an admin command line, then rebooted.&nbsp; Once the scan was finished, I logged back in as my non-admin user account and tested the networking.&nbsp; Amazingly, it worked just as I'd expect it to, Wi-Fi instantly connected upon disconnecting the Ethernet adapter.&nbsp; Can someone explain how this fix would repair this issue, and if there are more direct ways to achieve the same result?&nbsp; Has anyone else seen similar issues?&nbsp;&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><A href="#" target="_blank"></A></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Micah</P> Mon, 18 Feb 2019 18:52:46 GMT Micah Hibdon 2019-02-18T18:52:46Z Digital Activation <P>Hi all,</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Previously we just used a VLSC product key to activate Windows 10.&nbsp;I used the Windows 10 Education ISO from the VLSC site.&nbsp; I setup a test VM to use a reference image. It wasn't joined to the domain but connected to the Internet through our LAN.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>It activated itself with by digital activation. I'm unsure how this happened though?&nbsp;&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Fri, 15 Feb 2019 11:17:52 GMT David Gorman 2019-02-15T11:17:52Z Push button Reset does not work in LTSC 2019 <P>I have created an image for deployment LTSC 2019</P><P>The PPKG and autounattend work fine, the image system joins the domain</P><P>and an AD user can login but the system cannot activate.</P><P>Push button reset does not work.</P><P>settings/updates security/recovery/reset pc</P><P>remove everything</P><P>keep provisioning package</P><P>just remove my files</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>system collect data</P><P>reboots</P><P>reset begins</P><P>at ~49% status indicator jumps to 60% then progresses to ~95%</P><P>at this point the system performs a rollback and boots into recovery.</P><P>I select start windows and the login screen appears, a message appears on the desktop</P><P>Reset pc failed.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I performed a clean install of the OS from the MS supplied ISO, attempted reset pc using the steps above but again the reset failed.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I looked at the reagent.xml file and compared this with the information for the restore partion and volume GUID's everything looks right.</P><P>Looks like reset pc does not work in LTSC 2019</P> Fri, 18 Jan 2019 17:32:46 GMT grunzer 2019-01-18T17:32:46Z English (Australia) - Language Packages 10.0.17763.1 <P><A href="#" target="_blank">;P2=402&amp;P3=2&amp;P4=XZLa%2bVtaJKTStRN%2bqnaL9BIBoAadeHHl%2b35wSIOk9Pb18zumeMDYpF7u2trGNomMLXRVDaPyPqDzhTnuAk3jFA%3d%3d</A></P><P>Microsoft.LanguageExperiencePacken-GB_17763.4.6.0_neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe.Appx</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><A href="#" target="_blank">;P2=402&amp;P3=2&amp;P4=K%2foWFvyb%2f5J%2b5hqmSfiWUjmg310onA8aof0c67gyf70KKd7%2fEvKS4M63Xzc0g%2bQl63sNRHY8nq%2brLRMhDMk1wQ%3d%3d</A></P><P>Language Pack (en-GB Basic Features) - 5d0dd47f-2061-40fd-bcd7-3185bccb558e</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><A href="#" target="_blank">;P2=402&amp;P3=2&amp;P4=kdE7BBkvYIXjpXI93Eqc0WRQg0rtvIDC0t9d1ZzEq%2foiCIFg5odeb1JfcgTZhDMPEtbj9LjuFl5D48c6EQzL7g%3d%3d</A></P><P>OCR (en-GB) - 3cf3011e-f24b-45a1-a54e-529de0615a5f</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><A href="#" target="_blank">;P2=402&amp;P3=2&amp;P4=asAMkEMCtV8XFZq1RbBMFxjK5WpptjukGVeXWFHcSzGPnbWEsEqGxOQB1NxNaSUvH318vU9%2fsfGn9eL9zE5Iag%3d%3d</A></P><P>Handwriting (en-GB) - 9d2029b8-2ef5-47e2-94f6-869ccde191f0</P><P>*Note: en-GB Handwriting package also contains en-IN</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><A href="#" target="_blank">;P2=402&amp;P3=2&amp;P4=AhlFpWm50F9t8twDYgEf2%2bzWqKFGmhucA4gkjJPJRB64Pfb8MMSbIrkM8Df9Vc5LlM1jPsq83CFpaMowe1BiRQ%3d%3d</A></P><P>Speech (en-AU) - 3e8d99eb-56ec-4ae2-bfdd-bc984051f9a6</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><A href="#" target="_blank">;P2=402&amp;P3=2&amp;P4=j%2bKXwiRHpRU3XoP7aNsurmqaVgr5lBdmeAIa33zvI93LhVTN5wptC5OfOBAUfkVVuJ76cqdWDebKTCt%2fEVdFQw%3d%3d</A></P><P>TextToSpeech (en-AU) - 53e8f1b6-072f-4fcd-a7a6-1cf83bdf455d</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Append .cab to the downloaded files, and use DISM to add packages to the Image, as well as the appx package.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>If creating an Install ISO, use English-US base for the Windows Image, and not English-GB. English-Australia can use either - however using en-GB needs extra configuration to ensure the default input matches Australian Keyboards, which are standard en-US.</P> Tue, 08 Jan 2019 06:52:45 GMT Neo Beum 2019-01-08T06:52:45Z Understanding deployment and upgrade logs <P>Can someone help me find the resources to really understand&nbsp; Windows upgrade logs? What I find on Technet starts off pretty good, with an explanation of error codes and "some" <A href="#" target="_self">resolution procedures</A>&nbsp;, but in the end it's not detailed enough to do error-digging.&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>I am looking for an error code like</P><P>----------------------------------</P><P>0x80070005-0x5000F</P><P><SPAN>----------------------------------</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>0x8 is a Win32 error</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>7 is the device</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>0005 is Access denied&nbsp;</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>----</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>0x5&nbsp; is&nbsp;SP_EXECUTION_UNINSTALL</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>0F is&nbsp;SP_EXECUTION_OP_ADD_UNATTEND</SPAN></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P><SPAN>Especially that last part: what is it about? And what are these procedures below trying to access? Boot sector?</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>---------------------------------</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>2019-01-03 09:24:21, Error&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;SP&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;CSetupPlatform::SuspendAndRelease:</SPAN><SPAN>&nbsp;Error creating the Setup Platform key. Error: 0x80070005</SPAN></P><P><SPAN>----------------------------------</SPAN></P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Fri, 04 Jan 2019 21:42:38 GMT pfschel 2019-01-04T21:42:38Z Dual Boot Windows 7 and Windows 10 from separate drives? <P>Seems like an age old question but it seems like I am close. I would like to get a boot option menu on reboot and choose from two different Windows (7 &amp; 10) on two different drives. I have Windows 7 32bit on my D drive and Windows 10 64bit on my C: drive. I was led to believe I could add it with this command:</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>bcdboot d:\windows /d /addlast</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>However I am getting a "Failure when attempting to copy boot files" error. I am a little worried about experimenting as I could destroy my boot block on my windows 7 drive. I guess worse case I can change the boot order in the BIOS but it would be nice to do that with a boot menu.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Some of the windows 10 boot tutorials seemed to lead me to believe this option would be detected but I am gathering it would have happened if it was done on all the same drive.&nbsp;BTW these are SATA drives.</P> Mon, 31 Dec 2018 02:16:46 GMT peter_s 2018-12-31T02:16:46Z Scan & Repair Drive <P>I have a system with Windows 10 that was made using Drive "C" and my main drive and put in my old Drive and Named It "D" that had all my files from a previous computer running under "XP Pro sp3".</P><P>I hvae been using since February and all was fine but lately when I boot up it goes into a scan and fix of my drive "D".&nbsp; This takes anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours to do come completely up before I can use my computer.&nbsp; Is there a way to stop this scan and fix?</P> Sat, 29 Dec 2018 22:05:43 GMT MtnMan72 2018-12-29T22:05:43Z Identify a custom image <P>Is there any way I can identify deployments of Windows 10 on my network. I am using a custom image built with MDT but would like to build a new updated one now and be able to query my environment via either SCCM or Powershell to find out which computers are using the custom deployment.</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Mon, 17 Dec 2018 15:55:50 GMT Scott Preston 2018-12-17T15:55:50Z Intune policy to make cortana search icon by default? <P>Wanted to see if anyone knows if it's possible to use InTune to set the cortana search bar to an icon or disabled instead of eating up taskbar space? Can't seem to find a setting or anything in the taskbar customization xml's that allow that setting to be modified. Thanks!</P> Mon, 10 Dec 2018 21:15:37 GMT Chris Webb 2018-12-10T21:15:37Z Change from local KMS to M365 E3 Windows activation fails <P>In the past we used a local KMS server for our Windows 10 1803 Enterprise installations. Now we have M365 E3 subscribtions and moved the laptops to AAD. If I do a slmgr /xpr it Always shows an end date of the License. I did slmgr /ipk NPPR9-FWDCX-D2C8J-H872K-2YT43 and a logoff/logon with username and Password but still get an error like the KMS server of your organisation is not found...&nbsp;</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>What can I do to motivate Windows to go to M365 to validate the License? Thanks</P><P>&nbsp;</P> Tue, 27 Nov 2018 11:56:54 GMT Marcel100 2018-11-27T11:56:54Z Autopilot Hybrid Join Problem <P>I need some help debugging problems with this. I have the following:</P><P>1. ODJ connector installed and visible in Intune</P><P>2. Permissions for ODJ connector computer to create/delete computer objects in OU</P><P>3. Deployment profile with Hybrid join selected, domain and OU specified as well as machine prefix</P><P>4. OOBE parameters set.</P><P>5. Workstation with 1809</P><P>6. Device in Business Store with group membership and profile assignment</P><P>7. Intune group with machine as member and profile assigned to this group</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>When I import the machine into the store, and sync with Intune, all the stuff that should happen seems to happen. AAD account is created, I manually add the device to the Intune group. Profile is assigned (by store). But when I run the setup, I get the old "Something went wrong" message (80004005) without a way it seems to debug this process.</P><P>&nbsp;</P><P>Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.</P> Fri, 23 Nov 2018 22:10:39 GMT Deleted 2018-11-23T22:10:39Z